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18 Pictures From 2015 Guaranteed To Make You Sad

Get those handkerchiefs ready.

1. Devastating to see this man alone at the bar:

2. So sad to see this man alone at a lunch table:

3. So sad to see someone eating alone, staring solemnly into a bowl of soup:

4. Heartbreaking to see this woman have a glass for herself and another for someone who never came:

5. Brings tears to my old eyes watching this boy walk the hallways alone:

6. This poor girl had to go to prom all alone:

7. So sad. Clinging on to thin air:

8. Shopping alone for the holiday season. Heart-wrenching:

9. Hate to see someone all alone in a restaurant:

10. Poor kid has the biggest table in the restaurant, just to remind himself how alone he is:

11. Sad to see this man all alone, forlornly checking his droid in the corner:

12. Hate seeing people walk alone:

13. Sad to see this child alone at the dinner table:

14. Devastating to see someone fishing alone, gazing woefully at the sea like Hemmingway before him:

15. Devastating to have to see someone take in a game all by themselves:

16. So sad to see someone on their phone like this, trying to hide the fact they're all alone:

17. Hate to see someone sitting all alone on a bench:

18. So sad. A Snapchat of nothing, a nonexistent date. Devastating.