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The 19 Most Incredibly Racist Things That Have Happened To White People


1. The DISGRACEFUL time someone told Brooke Hogan she smelled like deli meat:

2. When they tried to take the damn Conference flag out of our schools:

3. That DEPLORABLE time we lost track of what "people of color" really means:

4. That time this man was called a m******** b**.

5. The BET Awards, in general:

6. Every time anyone wears skinny jeans and a T-shirt:

7. That time the Cracker Barrel finally got called out for its DECADES-LONG hypocrisy:

8. That time we learned a new definition of minority:

9. That time Starbucks ASSUMED a customer's order because of the color of their skin:

10. Literally everything about President Obama:

11. That time Canadian became its own race:

12. The ABOMINABLE time Florida DISCRIMINATED against this man because of his bag:

13. The time this poor, MISUNDERSTOOD man wasn't allowed to be with the one he loved so dear:

14. Actors who make the REPREHENSIBLE choice to play gingers when they DON'T EVEN HAVE red hair:

15. So, next time someone tells you you can't be racist against white people, just think of these poor children:

16. Think of these tortured souls:

17. Remember this young man:

18. And remember that words HURT:

19. Because in the end, reverse racism is REAL and NOTHING to joke about: