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19 People Who Are, Quite Frankly, Geniuses

Geniuses, every last one of 'em.

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It's a problem that we all face. A problem of great importance. A problem we have yet to solve.

A problem that's existed until now.

If you, like every other person in the entire world, always lose your remote, why not try...

1. A yard stick:

2. A lit'ral brick:

3. An empty bottle of Tums:

4. A little red flashlight:

5. A rolling pin:

6. A plank of wood:

7. A plank of wood of Plank from "Ed, Edd, and Eddy":

8. A crusty ol' green sponge:

9. The bottom of an old, worn out shoe:

10. A big ol' hammer:

11. A hockey stick:

12. An even bigger remote:

13. A sinister looking bottle of orange liquid:

14. A pad:

15. A kitchen spoon:

16. A plastic spoon:

17. A wiffle ball bat:

18. Your grandma's family ladle:

19. Or just your hand:

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