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23 Pictures That Will Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart

Saddle up, you cynical SOB.

1. This reunion:

2. A father and his son throughout the years:

3. "Our first hello and our last goodbye."

4. The amazing story of Christian the lion:

5. Alex's last words:

6. This little girl's inspiration:

7. Arnulfo Castorena winning his first gold medal in swimming for Mexico in the Paralympics:

8. The letter this person received from a developmentally disabled man who visits their barn and found out their horse was hurt:

9. Witnessing the exact moment when a musician realizes he's "made it":

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10. These lovers:

11. Thinking about what goes on in your dog's head:

12. Caine and his arcade:

13. Kermit and his dad:

14. Capitán, the dog that sat by his owner's grave for over six years:

15. The terminally ill mother who watched her daughter's wedding over Skype:

16. The gorilla who remembered his old friend:

17. The parents who made their son’s wheelchair into the best Halloween costume ever:

18. A dog's purpose:

19. Isaac's proposal:

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20. The police officers who made blind 13-year-old Gage Hancock-Stevens’ dream of being a cop come true:

They even gave him a cake:

21. The German shepherd who has become a seeing eye dog for a blind spaniel:

22. These photos of toddlers connecting with complete strangers:

23. And Hobbes' new friend: