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28 Pictures That Will Help You Calm The Hell Down Today

Just breathe.

1. Look at this perfect, shiny, beautiful cake:

2. And this perfect rock:

3. Now take a look at this flower. Really look at it:

4. And check out how perfect these Post-its fit in with each other:

5. Now imagine yourself eating these pancakes:

6. Or making this perfect pour:

7. Or spooning out such a beautiful little thing of peanut butter:

8. Now take a look at this checkmark. It's perfect:

9. Look at this apostrophe:

10. And this gorgeous, gorgeous handwriting:

11. Breathe deep and look at this flower:

12. Take a look at how perfectly the water goes down this hole:

13. How the door was made for this mattress:

14. And how this shadow is in the exact right place at the right time:

15. Look at how shiny and flawless this bun is:

16. How circular this little egg is:

17. This perfect hexagon of oil:

18. And how this ice cream is quite literally ice cream goals:

19. Now look at these satisfying shelves:

20. Quite literally shelf goals:

21. Look at the perfect watermelon:

22. This amazing little dollop of lotion:

23. Remember the sensation of that first squeeze of toothpaste:

24. And imagine you have this in your hand right now:

25. Now look at these mints:

26. Get a look at this perfect coffee:

27. This perfect @ symbol:

28. Feel yourself in these invisible socks:


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