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    36 Pictures Of Rappers Doing Amazing, Amazing Things

    WOW. You might want to sit down for this one.

    1. Eminem angrily making nachos:

    2. Wacka Flocka Flame taking the segway for a spin:

    3. Diddy enjoying a single dorito:

    4. Jay-Z about to hit the guy taking this picture in the head:

    5. Busta Rhymes sweating:

    6. Snoop Dogg engrossed in a book:

    7. Young Buck contemplating just how deep and expansive the ocean really is:

    8. Kanye West beating Beyonce in Connect-4 after losing 30 games in a row:

    9. Xzibit moving a chair to the left:

    10. Warren G finishing a slice of pizza:

    11. Rick Ross going swimming in a shirt because "it's cold out:"

    12. Snoop Dogg attempting to see the world through a pancake's eyes:

    13. Snoop Dogg coaching a rag-tag team of pee-wee footballers to second place:

    14. Wacka Flocka Flame celebrating Cinco De Mayo with a Capri-Sun during school lunch:

    15. L'il Wayne stealing ice cream from some children:

    16. Earl Sweatshirt eating a bunch of nuts:

    17. Ice Cube terrified by a clown:

    18. Snoop Dogg working on a collaboration with two dolphins:

    19. Ludacris missing every pool ball by a good three feet:

    20. Drake losing at FIFA:

    21. Big K.R.IT. instagramming his brunch:

    22. GZA using a microscope on what looks like low power:

    23. Kanye West taking a nap:

    24. Gucci Mane having a bad dream:

    25. Snoop Dogg enjoying some fruit slices:

    26. 50 Cent trying to figure out why you're hating:

    27. Soulja Boy just wanting to be loved:

    28. Mac Miller finding love:

    29. Snoop Dogg completely forgetting how he got in this costume:

    30. Andre 3000 realizing that he mistook the banana he's eating for a grapefruit:

    31. J. Cole attempting to fire a violin bow like an arrow:

    32. Fat Joe buying an extra ice cream for a few hours from now:

    33. MF Doom baking a casserole for a dinner party:

    34. Chief Keef exfoliating his pores:

    35. Tyler, The Creator right after stealing a baby's sunglasses:

    36. And, finally, Diddy riding a banana boat into the sunset:

    Thanks to Rappers Doing Normal Shit for help in locating some pictures.