30 Jokes You Definitely Didn't Understand When You Were 9 Years Old

    It all makes sense now.

    1. Angelica's mom smashing the patriarchy:

    2. The Flash's other quickness:

    3. Lord Farquad's compensation:

    4. Spongebob's dubloon's joke:

    5. That creepy Hocus Pocus bus driver:

    6. Osmosis' favorite hobby:

    7. This dice joke from The Road To El Dorado:

    8. Not to mention this scene:

    9. Timmy's dad's dreams:

    10. Grandpa's braincells:


    12. Prince's finger dusting:

    13. Helga's interesting journal entry:

    14. Spongebob's private collection:

    15. Everyone's favorite circumcision joke from Rugrats:

    16. Aladdin getting down to business:

    17. Doug's exploding lava:

    18. Catnip addiction in Shrek 2:

    19. The most devastating burn of all time from Full House:

    20. Shaggy's favorite thing:

    21. Daffy's reading material:

    22. Dad's trophy (??????) from Dexter's Lab:

    23. The Professor's little accidents:

    24. This bathroom note from Ed, Edd, and Eddy:


    25. Not to mention Rocco's job as a lit'ral phone sex operator:

    26. This slug from Rocco's Modern Life and his magazine of choice:

    27. The swinger's party from The Grinch:

    28. Mrs. Finster doin' the damn thing on Recess:

    29. Squidward's meaty, meaty child:

    30. Syndrome's naming issues: