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24 Reasons You Should Never Feel Useless Ever Again


If you're ever feeling down or useless just remember...

1. You'll never be as pointless as this watermelon:

2. Or the frosting on this Pop-Tart:

3. And you'll never be as useless as this handrail:

4. REMEMBER: You're way more important than the white crayon:

5. And REMEMBER: You can actually spell "remember":

6. No, if you're feeling useless, just remember you didn't get cast as "grass":

7. Or a dang doorknob:

8. Remember: You'll never be as useless as Arthur's headphones:

9. And if you ever feel bad about your outfit, remember what Rupert Grint wore to his first premiere:

if you ever feel like you wore a bad outfit today, this is what rupert grint wore to the first harry potter premiere

10. And if you feel bad about your hair, remember that Zac Efron used to look like this:

11. AGAIN! You'll never be as worthless as these drawers:

12. Or this bench:

13. And you'll never be as lazy as the person who made the old flag for Libya:

14. And, hey, at least you know who the U.S. president is:

15. Because you're special, and you're unique, and not at all pointless like these subtitles:

16. And you'll never do something this embarrassing:

17. And hey, at least this isn't your name:

18. YOU MATTER, unlike this fence:

19. And you're way more important than this cello:

20. And hey, at least you can spell "bird":

21. You'll never get stuck like this:

22. And hey, at least you didn't have this question:

23. And at least you never had this thought:

24. And always remember: At least you didn't try to high-five a blind guy like Ryan Seacrest.