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    28 Truly Insane Things That Could Have Only Existed In The Early 2000s

    What a time.

    1. Tubes upon tubes of Shrek GoGurt:

    2. The Crazy Frog in a flat-brimmed hat with a huge GANSTA chain on:

    3. A sign that solely exists to stop people from wearing Healys:

    4. Shrek Twinkies:

    5. Shoes big enough to house a family of four:

    6. A Monster Energy flying V guitar:

    7. ThugBob:

    8. And EmoBob:

    9. Waffles stuffed full of fruity GOOP:

    10. An American Idol PS2 game, for some reason:

    11. A lit'ral $120 Rugrats bowling ball:

    12. A Shrek phone? A Shrek phone:

    13. A book about a dog with sunglasses saving the world from Y2K:

    14. Literally the most blinged out phone in existence:

    15. A Britney Spears inflatable chair that lets you cool like Britney:

    16. A Wii disc that let's you stream Netflix:

    17. Shrek Kid Cuisine that'll turn your tongue green:

    18. These absolutely insane fries:

    19. An electric toothbrush that only places one song, an Ashley Tisdale song:

    20. Pringles with words on them, again for some reason:

    21. MULTIPLE video games featuring the Burger King King:

    22. Shrek POPCORN:

    23. Psychedelic cereal yogurt:

    24. A Britney Spears protective case for a Nokia phone:

    25. Shrek... waffle sticks??? SHREK WAFFLE STICKS?!?!?!

    26. A 50 Cent themed XBOX:

    27. A Hot Wheels themed computer:

    28. And, finally, a SHREK CHIA PET: