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    Posted on Mar 23, 2017

    28 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Truly, Truly Ancient


    1. iPods.

    2. Will Smith.

    My brother doesn't know what the fresh prince of bel air is. I officially feel OLD and contemplating disowning him...

    3. The Spice Girls.

    My cousin doesn't know who Scary Spice is and now I feel really old...

    4. VHS tapes.

    5. Tom from Myspace.

    Want to feel old? The person in charge of social media at my work—who is reading this tweet—doesn't know what a "Tom from Myspace" is.

    6. Blues Clues.

    My sister doesn't know what blues clues is and suddenly I feel SO OLD.

    7. NSYNC and Backstreet Boys.

    My favorite new girl at work who's 14 doesn't know who the backstreet boys and N SYNC are I officially feel old

    8. VCRs.

    9. Even Stevens.

    My 14 year old cousin has never seen Even Stevens and doesn't know who Good Charlotte is. I feel so old.

    10. Rugrats.

    One of my 16 year old employees doesn't know what the rugrats is. Man do I feel old

    11. Hey Arnold!

    My 18 year old sister doesn't know what Hey Arnold! is. I feel so old.

    12. Game Boys.

    13. Polly Pocket.

    My 6 year old sister doesn't know what Polly Pocket is, I feel old 😩😩😩

    14. "Toxic" by Britney Spears.

    My brother doesn't know Toxic by @britneyspears 😟 I feel really old now 😐

    15. CD burning.

    My little sister doesn't know what burning a CD means. I feel old.

    16. CD players.

    17. Paris Hilton.

    My 11 year old sister doesn't know who Paris Hilton is, and I suddenly feel old

    18. Texting on T9.

    I feel old The recent college graduate at my job Doesn't know what T9 was

    19. Tapes.

    20. SparkNotes.

    My brother confessed to me he doesn't know what @SparkNotes are. I feel old.

    21. High School Musical.


    22. Hannah Montana.

    Soooo I just asked my 7 year old sister if she knew who Hannah Montana is and she said she doesn't know.... I feel so old.

    23. Lindsay Lohan.

    My niece doesn't know who Lindsay Lohan is and has never seen Parent Trap. I feel so fucking old right now.

    24. Floppy discs.

    25. Pencil sharpeners???

    26. Brendan Fraser.

    My sister doesn't know who Brendan Fraiser is I feel like I'm 200 years old spilling tales about fallen heroes

    27. Sk8er Boi.

    My roommate doesn't know sk8er boi. I feel so old. These things are not related, I just feel old.

    28. And N64.

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