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28 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Truly, Truly Ancient


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2. Will Smith.

My brother doesn't know what the fresh prince of bel air is. I officially feel OLD and contemplating disowning him...

3. The Spice Girls.

My cousin doesn't know who Scary Spice is and now I feel really old...

5. Tom from Myspace.

Want to feel old? The person in charge of social media at my work—who is reading this tweet—doesn't know what a "Tom from Myspace" is.

6. Blues Clues.

My sister doesn't know what blues clues is and suddenly I feel SO OLD.

7. NSYNC and Backstreet Boys.

My favorite new girl at work who's 14 doesn't know who the backstreet boys and N SYNC are I officially feel old

9. Even Stevens.

My 14 year old cousin has never seen Even Stevens and doesn't know who Good Charlotte is. I feel so old.

10. Rugrats.

One of my 16 year old employees doesn't know what the rugrats is. Man do I feel old

11. Hey Arnold!

My 18 year old sister doesn't know what Hey Arnold! is. I feel so old.

13. Polly Pocket.

My 6 year old sister doesn't know what Polly Pocket is, I feel old 😩😩😩

14. "Toxic" by Britney Spears.

My brother doesn't know Toxic by @britneyspears 😟 I feel really old now 😐

15. CD burning.

My little sister doesn't know what burning a CD means. I feel old.

17. Paris Hilton.

My 11 year old sister doesn't know who Paris Hilton is, and I suddenly feel old

18. Texting on T9.

I feel old The recent college graduate at my job Doesn't know what T9 was

20. SparkNotes.

My brother confessed to me he doesn't know what @SparkNotes are. I feel old.

21. High School Musical.


22. Hannah Montana.

Soooo I just asked my 7 year old sister if she knew who Hannah Montana is and she said she doesn't know.... I feel so old.

23. Lindsay Lohan.

My niece doesn't know who Lindsay Lohan is and has never seen Parent Trap. I feel so fucking old right now.

26. Brendan Fraser.

My sister doesn't know who Brendan Fraiser is I feel like I'm 200 years old spilling tales about fallen heroes

27. Sk8er Boi.

My roommate doesn't know sk8er boi. I feel so old. These things are not related, I just feel old.

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