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Can You Make It Through These Pictures Without Being Insanely Grossed Out?

No. No you can not.

Let's start simple. Look at how flexible this person is!

Not bad. Check out this leg cramp:

Too much for you? Here, wipe those eyes clean:

I'm talking clean enough to do this:

You like cartoons, right? Here, let's watch some SpongeBob:

Not a SpongeBob fan? No worries, here's something just as hilarious:


All right, let's snap back to reality:

There we go. How's that feel? How you holding up?

Hungry? Enjoy some of this delicious, cyst-filled meat:

Better do some exercising to work that off:

All right! Let's get back on track. Come on, don't be shy:

The gang's all here!

Just get yourself ready:

Maybe do your nails:

But not too much!

There we go. Make sure everything is perfectly clean and popped:

Feel free to bring some friends!

How about another story? This guy had a terrible headaches for years and didn't know why. Is your head bothering you right now?

How you holding up? Hang in there!

Here, take a water break:

Only a few more left! Here, enjoy this classic tale:

You ever wonder what it looks like to get a hair transplant from your chest?! Wonder no more!

You ever wonder what it looks like to empty a blocked tear duct? Wonder no more!

THERE! YOU MADE IT! Don't worry. To celebrate, enjoy this picture of a cute lil' puppy!!!