How Much Money Are You Actually Worth?

Because if there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that you’re only worth as much as the things you own. Well, that and a few other things.

  1. Check all that apply to you.
    1. I am single
    2. I am in a relationship
    3. I am married
    4. I have a child
    5. I have more than one child
    6. I graduated from high school
    7. I graduated from college
    8. I have a master’s degree
    9. I have a PHD
    10. I am currently a student
    11. I am employed
    12. I am a blue collar worker
    13. I am a white collar worker
    14. I am a manager where I work
    15. I own my own company
    16. I live in a city with more than 10,000 people
    17. I live in a city with more than 1,000,000 people
    18. I have a salary
    19. I rent my place
    20. I own my own place
    21. I am male
    22. I am female
    23. I can cook
    24. I eat out once a week
    25. I eat out twice a week
    26. I eat out more than twice a week
    27. I have a checking account
    28. I have a savings account
    29. I have a 401k
    30. I drink more than three times a week
    31. I am between the ages of 18 and 35
    32. I watch more than three hours of TV a night
    33. I have seen a movie in theaters in the past two weeks
    34. I am male and over 5’8” tall
    35. I am female and over 5’ tall
    36. I am a smoker
    37. I am a vegetarian
    38. I wear glasses
    39. I have 20/20 vision
    40. I own a computer
    41. I own more than one computer
    42. I own a smartphone
    43. I drive to work
    44. I carpool to work
    45. I take public transportation to work
    46. I live in the United States of America
    47. I live in the United Kingdom
    48. I live somewhere else
    49. I belong to a gym
    50. I am multi-lingual
    51. I am average weight
    52. I am overweight
    53. I am underweight
    54. I subscribe to cable television
    55. I own a car
    56. I own more than one car
    57. I drink soda/other sugary drinks at least once a day
    58. I own a cat
    59. I own a dog
    60. I read more than two books a month
    61. I travel out of the country once a year
    62. I travel out of the country more than once a year
    63. I have stocks
    64. I consider myself aware of current events
    65. I have allergies
    66. I can play an instrument
    67. Someone else prepares my taxes
    68. I volunteer regularly
    69. I have never been arrested
    70. My parents are still married
    71. All my grandparents are still alive
    72. I have health insurance
    73. I have other types of insurance other than health insurance
    74. I visit the doctor at least once a year
    75. I visit the dentist at least once a year
    76. I have/have had braces
    77. I have student loans
    78. I pay for an internet connection
    79. I pay my cellphone bill
    80. I pay for music
    81. I own more than three pairs of shoes
    82. I have a magazine subscription
    83. I have never broken a bone
    84. I drink coffee
    85. I use air conditioning in the summer
    86. I have had surgery within the past year
    87. I have lent a considerable amount of money in the past year
    88. I am religious
    89. On average, I sleep about eight hours a night
    90. I have moved within the last six months
    91. I play sports
    92. I have bought something off an infomercial
    93. I have indoor plumbing
    94. I have made renovations to the place I live recently
    95. I consider myself a happy person
    96. I use Facebook regularly
    97. I use Instagram regularly
    98. I use Twitter regularly
    99. I have been sick within the past month
    100. I consider myself close to my family

Though I wouldn’t read too far into this or anything you see on the internet.

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