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32 Of The Greatest Things That Happened On Tumblr In 2014

Been a good year for the 'blr.

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1. Dads being dads:

2. The world's greatest coral joke:

3. The miracle of birth:

4. Building a snowman:


6. Always be prepared:

7. The best cake of all time:

8. The fanciest plant:

9. A lesson on New Zealand:

10. A meeting:

11. What Obama's been up to this whole time:

12. Are you?


14. The finer things in life:

15. The important questions:

16. Strange signs:

17. Pressing matters:

18. The rise of Benedict Cumberbatch:

19. This dog serving up JUSTICE:

20. The guiltiest dog:

21. Great ideas:

22. Raw chicken:

23. The walk of shame:

24. Zoo jokes:

25. Being rude:

26. Resemblance:

27. Return of the Slime Man:

28. The most important technological development of the past decade:

29. The doughboy's...doughboy:

30. The map for any occasion:

31. Time...EXPLAINED:

32. And this bee screwin' everything up:


Dumb-ass bee. DAMN.

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