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FYI: Moldy Cream Is One Of The Most Disgusting Things In The World

This is what moldy cream cheese look like, in case you were wondering.

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*Tips hat*

Jolly ol' day, hungry young chaps! Fancy a bagel with nature's finest dairy spread?

"You betcha!"
Sdominick / Getty Images

"You betcha!"

Ah yes, the gift of the almighty Bagel Gods! Kings of the cream! Sultans of spread! Cream cheese!

-lvinst- / Getty Images

Look at that beautiful cream.

4kodiak / Getty ImagesR

Ha ha ha so delicious!!!

Iofoto / Getty Images


Moldy cream cheese found at Muncie Central, school district and health department respond

This is what moldy cream cheese looks like.

The mold in my expired cream cheese looks like my grandmother:

Delicious, spreadable grey goo.

This cream cheese is suppose to be white😷 never seen so much mold

Or is it blue goo?

When life throws you a curveball, lather your bagel up with moldy cream cheese.

It's a different level of digusting.

Andrews cream cheese might be a lil moldy

It looks like Oscar the Grouch and Grover made love with a trashcan.

It looks like they found the lost city of Atlantis inside of a urinal:

Is it a good idea to eat a bagel and cream cheese or nah? #moldy

It's truly gross.

In conclusion, now you know what cream cheese looks like when it expires. Have a good life! DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!

Nikki likes moldy cream cheese


there was mold in the cream cheese so my dad said theres more in the fridge. this is the more that was in the fridge

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