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Posted on Jan 16, 2014

22 Reasons Why Commas Are The Most Important Things In The World


1. Without commas, the medical world would be turned on its head:

2. Everyone's diet would take a turn for the worst:

3. And yoga pants would be torn to shreds all over the nation.

4. Without commas, children would roam the streets in constant danger:

5. Demands across the nation would be very strange:

6. and Belinda's sick fantasies would become reality.

7. Without commas, Sandeep's day would start off in the worst possible way:

8. Movies would no longer be safe for the whole family:

9. Although, that depends on what you think of Joseph Gordon Levitt:

10. Without commas, crimes would be bragged about on Facebook:

11. Ryan would share too much information:

12. And family time would never be the same:

13. Without commas, fashion rules would get weirdly specific:

14. Strange things would go on sale:

15. And condolences would be really sarcastic:

16. Without commas, every magazine cover would look like this:


Note: this is not real.

17. The lord himself would go broke:

18. And babies would become our national dish.

19. Without commas, Elsa would let Gina know how she felt:

20. People would be strangely specific:

21. And Mike would probably be in several jails:

22. In conclusion, if you don't want to end up with a Friday night like Robby's, say YES TO COMMAS.

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