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33 Of The Greatest Things That Happened On Tumblr In 2013

Good times, great oldies.

1. The longest wait:

2. Dad jokes at their finest:

3. Say no to drugs:

4. Hot to make a hot new wardrobe:

5. Best funeral ever:

6. Baby Jack:


7. A brilliant prank:

8. Please help:

9. How Americans make tea:

10. AJAX:


11. Butterfly bloggers:

12. Praise him:

13. Only one channel:

14. Plantman:

15. How to get away with murder:

16. Beautiful home decor:

17. Looking up something special:

18. Morgan Freeman is ageless:

19. Best friends forever:

20. Alone, forever:

21. The first person to sleep:

22. Phil's jurassic-sized failure:

23. A bad career move:

24. A band's origin:

25. Mary's curse:

26. Failed selfies:

27. This stunning development in reaction GIF history:

28. A cat figures out the answers:

29. This painting will not be having your shit:

30. Lincoln makes history:

31. Pets are weird:

32. What's this called again?


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