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The 22 Most Painfully Awkward Things That Happened In 2015


1. This handshake:


2. This cop's big moment:

3. This epic DJ set:

4. The world's most awkward wave:

5. Existential fist-bump despair:

6. The world's most tragic trip to the ATM:

7. This beautiful, tender moment:

8. This guy discovering that the microphone is actually a light:

9. This new class of fist bump:

10. This misunderstanding:

11. When raising the roof goes wrong:

12. The Trump-Carson catastrophe:


13. This SLAM DUNK:


14. Mark Cuban not getting the deal on the handshake:


15. This Segway crash:

Rai News 24

16. The Madonna-Drake kiss:

17. This woman deciding to go for a dip during a ceremony:

18. The ol' Travolta chin grab:

19. This celebration of marriage:

20. Santa's offseason activities:

21. The devastation of Modi:

DunyaTV / Via

22. The world's most awkward putt:

And literally everything going on in this. Seriously, pick a different person and watch them:


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