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How Many People Followed The Oscars On BuzzFeed?

Nearly eleven million unique visitors navigated to BuzzFeed's 141 posts about the 86th Academy Awards.

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BuzzFeed Data Science

From 5PM EST on the night of the Academy Awards (March 2nd) through 5PM Tuesday (March 4th), 10.9 million unique visitors viewed BuzzFeed's coverage of the show and surrounding events. Links to posts about the Oscars were seen by 26 million unique visitors on BuzzFeed, and the number of times visitors saw these links—a measure referred to as impressions—totaled 2.1 billion.

These numbers are in contrast to the 43 million viewers who watched the Oscars live on TV.

When did most visits occur?

BuzzFeed Data Science

The chart above shows the number of visits to BuzzFeed which included a view of at least one post about the Oscars. Attention grew as the night continued and finally spiked in the hour immediately after the show's end. Visits peaked again at 9AM Monday morning as, we can only assume, those who fell asleep the night before came back to read about what they missed and those who stayed awake came back to relive it.