The 27 Best Moments From The 2014 Academy Awards

Wait a second…that was actually fun!

1. When Benedict Cumberbatch photobombed all of U2:

Mike Blake / Reuters
ID: 2544187

2. When Jennifer fell before even entering the ceremony, and then Ellen brought up her tripping history:

ID: 2544201

3. And we witnessed Brad Pitt chomping down on some pizza:

ABC / Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences
ID: 2544097

4. When the ultimate celebrity selfie was being organized…

ABC / Academy of Arts and Sciences
ID: 2544126

5. And the result was this glorious photo:

ID: 2544102

6. But sadly Liza Minnelli didn’t make the cut:

ID: 2544229

7. When Ellen snuck up on Leo and Sandy and gave them quite a fright:

ID: 2544107

(Mostly just Leo, though.)

ID: 2544122

8. When Pharrell performed “Happy” and got Lupita to dance with him…

ID: 2544162

9. …and Amy Adams…

ID: 2544171

10. …and MERYL STREEP.

ID: 2544163

11. When Kerry Washington was very eager to eat pizza if Ellen ordered it:

ID: 2544241

12. And then Ellen followed through with the pizza and Brad distributed plates…

ID: 2544114

13. And then Kerry got to enjoy some gluten-free pizza backstage:

ID: 2544240

14. When Ellen became Glinda:

ABC / Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
ID: 2544149

15. And Whoopi showed off her Oz-themed tights:

ABC / Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
ID: 2544143

16. When Jamie Foxx did this little dance:

ABC / Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
ID: 2544144

17. When Jared Leto made the night about his mom…

ID: 2544152

And even sacrificed his pizza for her:

ID: 2544239

18. This kiss between Leo and Matthew:

ID: 2544175

19. When Amy Adams was caught being a little bored:

ABC / Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences / Via dailydot.tumblr.com
ID: 2544159

20. When Bill Murray remembered his late friend:

ID: 2544113

21. When Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt became the new cutest dream couple:

ID: 2544205

22. Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camilla were the actual, REAL cutest couple:

ABC / Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
ID: 2544206

23. When Ellen took this selfie with Liza Minnelli:

ID: 2544232

24. And collected pizza money in Pharrell’s giant hat:

ID: 2544276

25. When Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult were caught just being adorable:

ID: 2544235

26. When Pharrell made suit-shorts a thing:

Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times / MCT
ID: 2544256

27. And when Steve McQueen was ecstatic over 12 Years a Slave winning:

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters
ID: 2544260

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