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How Many People Followed The Oscars On BuzzFeed?

Nearly eleven million unique visitors navigated to BuzzFeed's 141 posts about the 86th Academy Awards.

BuzzFeed Data 5 years ago

The 1% Of Tennis

Novak Djokovic just took down Andy Murray in the Australian Open finals, and we've got tennis on the mind! No better way to start the 2013 season than looking at what happened in the past. Check out what we dug up about the '30s til now.

BuzzFeed Data 6 years ago

The Statistics Of How We Spent 2012

A lot happened this year. For better or worse, we dug up the data on what the people of the world did in 2012.

BuzzFeed Data 6 years ago

2012 In Data Visualizations

Data visualizations. Infographics. Maps. Information design. No matter how you call it, 2012 was the year data science and design started going steady.

BuzzFeed Data 6 years ago

The 32 Best Superlatives Of 2012

2012 was a year of great highs (and lows). We've compiled a list of the most astounding #1s of the year.

BuzzFeed Data 6 years ago