The Statistics Of How We Spent 2012

A lot happened this year. For better or worse, we dug up the data on what the people of the world did in 2012.

1. 141 Million Of Us Were Born…

140.5 million people were born in 2012. So. Many. Babies.

2. …And 56 Million Died.

56.2 million people died this year…at least they stayed down.

3. We Blinked 36 Quadrillion Times…

That’s 36,000,000,000,000,000. Or 5.3 million per person. Or a shitload.

4. …Had 10 Trillion Dreams…

On average, human beings have 5 dreams per night.

5. …Produced 2.6 Trillion Pounds of Garbage… / Via http://getty%20images

In 2012, the world produced 2.6 trillion pounds of garbage. 490 billion pounds came from the USA and 9 billion pounds came from NYC. It’s the equivalent of 7 million Empire State Buildings.

6. …And Spent 309 Million Years Spent Sitting on the Toilet.

309,242,222 Years. The average person will spend about 3 years of their life sitting on the toilet. Though for some, that’s still not enough.

7. We Spent 11 Million Years on The Internet…

In 2012, the world’s population spent a combined 11.8 million years surfing the web. One more time, 11.8 MILLION YEARS!

8. …2.8 Million Years on Social Media…

Almost 25% of all time spent on the internet was on Social Media Sites

9. …2.1 Million Years on Facebook…

Facebook is by far the most-widely used social media site. About 76% of all time spent on social media sites was spent on Facebook.

10. …4,350 Years on BuzzFeed…

11. …And Left a Trail of 13x More Bits of Information Than There Are Grains of Sand on the Earth.

That’s quite the digital paper trail. This year, we collected 1 zetabyte of data (37% of all the digital data that’s ever been collected). That’s 10^21 bytes, or 9.44 × 10^21 0s and 1s, which is 13x more than the number of grains of sand on the earth.

12. We Bought 717 Million Smartphones…

We bought 717 million smartphones. A recent study shows that there are now more than 1 Billion active smartphone users world-wide.

13. …349 Million Computers…

Patrick Lux / Getty Images


14. …And 62 Million Cars.


15. We Sent 53 Trillion Emails…

This turns out to be about 144.8 Billion Per Day. I wonder how many of those were spam?

16. …100 Trillion Tweets…

This translates into about 400 million per day or 5,000 tweets per second.

17. …And Uploaded 38 Million Hours of Video to YouTube.

YouTube’s Press Statistics state that 72 hours of video are uploaded each minute.

18. 219 Million of Us Watched The Olympics…

219 million Americans watched the olympics this year which is slightly higher than the 215 million that watched the 2008 games in Beijing.

19. …111 Million Watched The Super Bowl…

111.3 million people people watched the Giants defeat The Patriots this year.

20. …191 Million Watched The Presidential Debates…

191 million people tuned in across all 3 Presidential Debates involving Romney and Obama this year.

21. …And 119 Million Actually Voted.

119 million estimated voters participated in this year’s presidential election.

22. ..And YOLO Was Said 5 Trillion Times

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Especially you… Drake.

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