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These Guys Renovated Their Apartment To Host Underground Dinners For Strangers

"We get a lot of positive feedback about this space."

DannyMenendez • 2 years ago

Watch Jordan Peele Answer Random Question With Another Round

Jordan Peele joins us in the studio with Heben Nigatu from Another Round.

DannyMenendez • 2 years ago

We Asked Kelly Rowland Some Difficult Questions

Kelly, are you ready for this jelly?

Another Round • 2 years ago

People Challenge Each Other To "The Hot Wing Challenge"

In this hilarious and painful video, we watch people challenge each other to "The Hot Wing Challenge" DISCLAIMER: DA BOMB HOT SAUCE IS VERY HOT. CONSUME WITH EXTREME CAUTION!

DannyMenendez • 2 years ago

Ever Wonder What "The Big One" Might Feel Like?

These people demonstrate on what it's like to be in a 7.5 earthquake.

DannyMenendez • 2 years ago
Christian Zamora • 2 years ago