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These Guys Renovated Their Apartment To Host Underground Dinners For Strangers

"We get a lot of positive feedback about this space."

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These are roommates Adam and Evan. They live in a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn's Boerum Hill neighborhood where they host dinner parties and other events for strangers.

Danny Menendez / BuzzFeed News

They had originally moved into a studio, with a tiny kitchen and a bathroom. But after putting up some walls, it was converted into a multiple room apartment.

Danny Menendez/ BuzzFeed News

They redesigned the kitchen to give Evan more space to meal prep for his guests.

Danny Menendez/ BuzzFeed News

They also redesigned the entire garage to make it into a dining/performance space.

Danny Menendez/ BuzzFeed News

Since they are sharing a studio, they are paying well below the average two-bedroom rent cost in the area, which can be anywhere between $2,200-$3,200 a month.

Danny Menendez/ BuzzFeed News

Evan usually cooks for 20-30 guests per event, so the cost of the evening really depends on the amount of food needed for each meal.

Marcus Ricci / Via

"We aim to make at least a few hundred dollars per each meal/event, he told BuzzFeed News. "We love art, culture, food, music, etc, and we love that we get to curate how we bring that into our home."

Danny Menendez/ via BuzzFeed

You can learn more about Adam and Evan's story by watching the video below:

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