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    John Krasinski Revealed Olaf From "Frozen" Made Him Cry In A Hilarious Game Of "Never Have I Ever"

    Our husband is so funny.

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    Here are six things we learned while playing with Earth's favorite leading man:

    1. He hasn't watched an episode of The Office since the show wrapped:


    Never have I ever spent an entire day binge-watching The Office.

    John: I don't think I've watched any episodes since the show wrapped. We always used to get together to watch the episodes. There's nothing that fun as getting together with your whole cast and having your arms around each other, eating a couple cheese plates. I don't know if I can re-create that.

    2. He once tried to use his celebrity to get into a bar during Season 1 of The Office:


    Never have I ever used my celebrity status to get me something.

    John: When I first got The Office, my friends and I went to a bar — and we're talking Season 1 — and we couldn't get in the bar. My friends just said, "Just go up and say you're from The Office." So I went up to this bouncer and I said, "I'm an actor... I'm the guy on The Office." And he goes, "I don't care."

    3. He's ordered a meal for his daughter just so he could eat it:


    Never have I ever ordered a meal for my daughter so I could eat it.

    John: I've had my daughter say, "I don't want chicken nuggets!" And the waitress will come by and I'll be like, "She loves chicken nuggets!" Then they're gone because I eat them.

    4. He can't impersonate Chris Pratt because he has just too much charm:


    Never have I ever successfully impersonated Chris Pratt.

    John: I don't think I can successfully really incorporate all that is Chris Pratt. There's a whole lot of charm there...

    5. He's a crier when it comes to kids movies — especially Frozen:


    Never have I ever cried during a kids movie.

    John: Definitely the Lion King. Frozen, cried in that. At Olaf of all people!

    6. And he's NEVER played Pokémon Go because he identifies as a 92-year-old:


    Never have I ever played Pokémon Go.

    John: I'm 92 years old. I don't even know how to turn on my phone.

    Check out John in his latest movie The Hollars in theaters now!

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