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We Asked Kelly Rowland Some Difficult Questions

Kelly, are you ready for this jelly?

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So as you know, Kelly Rowland is gorgeous and talented and perfect and just an all around breath of fresh air.

FOX / Via

Don't blush, Kelly! You know it's true!

But don't you wish you knew just a little bit more about this beauty?

FreemantleMedia / Via

Of course you do!

Well you're in luck, because she sat down with BuzzFeed's Another Round podcast and got all the tea in their "Pew Pew Pew" segment!

Danny Menendez / Via BuzzFeed

If you're unfamiliar, it's called "Pew Pew Pew" because it's a rapid-fire question segment where anything goes.

The first question was very simple.

Danny Menendez / Via BuzzFeed

Because everyone wants to know how famous and important people unwind.

...and her answer was beautiful!

Danny Menendez / Via BuzzFeed

Celebrities: they're just like us! Only with lots of money and notoriety!

Second question was also very simple.

Danny Menendez // BuzzFeed News

Raise your hand if you've had the Good Times theme song in your head since you were a kid.

...and she answered in the best possible way.

Danny Menendez / Via BuzzFeed

Tooooooo the east siiiiiiiide! (Shout out to The Jeffersons!)

But then it got a little weird, as "Pew Pew Pew" always does.

Danny Menendez / Via BuzzFeed

I'm sorry, what?

But she was very earnest.

Danny Menendez / Via BuzzFeed


And then it got EVEN WEIRDER.

Danny Menendez / Via BuzzFeed

You may think that this question took things a bit too far, but surprisingly, Kelly didn't!

She actually gave an answer, and she thought about it hard.

Danny Menendez / Via BuzzFeed

Who saw that coming??

And here was her logic:

Danny Menendez / Via BuzzFeed

Makes sense to me.

Well said, Kelly!

Danny Menendez // BuzzFeed News

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