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    Jul 25, 2014

    16 Scene-Stealers From TV Comedy

    The funniest characters with the fewest lines.

    1. Dr. Leo Spaceman from "30 Rock"


    Portrayed by: Chris Parnell

    Parnell delivers the worst medical advice one could ever receive with a perfectly trustworthy confidence. We thought the healthcare system couldn't produce anything worse than Dr. Nick Riviera until Dr. Spacemen came along.

    "Science is whatever we want it to be."

    2. Alice from "Workaholics"

    Comedy Central / Via

    Portrayed By: Maribeth Monroe

    A rage-filled boss who can make the audience feel simultaneously sympathetic, scared, and turned on by her.

    "I'm gonna eat your balls for breakfast."

    3. Rory from "Hello Ladies"


    Portrayed by: Kyle Mooney

    Mooney's scenes as Stephen Merchant's assistant in this underrated HBO series were hilarious for the subtle awkwardness of his every movement and word. It's basically a spinoff of the mushmouthed interviewer character from Mooney's brilliant web videos.

    "Chicks, man. They're one of life's greatest mysteries... them and plants."

    4. Creed from "The Office"


    Portrayed By: Creed Bratton

    His one line of dialogue per episode was often the funniest. He seemed to be having his own sketchy plotline that was never fully revealed and was left entirely to the viewer's imagination. That's clever comedy writing.

    "The only difference between me and a homeless man is this job. I will do whatever it takes to survive. Like I did when I was a homeless man."

    5. The McPoyles from "Always Sunny In Philadelphia"

    FX / Via

    Portrayed by: Jimmi Simpson, Thesy Surface, and Nate Mooney

    No TV characters are as comically disgusting as these three siblings. With their sweaty robes, milk jugs, unibrows, and incest, the McPoyles are the only people who could make the Paddy's Gang seem like likable well-adjusted protagonists by comparison.

    "You get fork-stabbed"

    6. Aaron from "Eastbound & Down"


    Portrayed by: Deep Roy

    In a show in which 99% of the characters are memorably hilarious, Aaron will haunt you forever. A 4-foot-tall thug from Bombay who mysteriously lives in Mexico "where the gold is", Aaron makes every foul-mouthed sentence threatening and also hilarious. He owns Season 2 of this classic comedy.

    "You piece of crap!"

    7. Leon from "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

    HBO / Via

    Portrayed By: J. B. Smoove

    It's possible that Smoove's voice could make just about any sentence funny. As an unlikely and unexpected new friend of Larry David, Leon lights up every scene he's in.

    "You get in that ass, Larry. That's what the fuck you do. Know what I mean?"

    8. Dobby from "Peep Show"

    BBC / Via

    Portrayed by: Isy Suttie

    The pot-smoking, LARP'ing, tech-support dream-girl that every male character ends up fighting over.

    "Best to have Pringles in bowls, otherwise you get Pringle hand."

    9. Dougie from "Enlightened"


    Portrayed by: Timm Sharp

    Dougie was simultaneously a douchebag, a nerd, a bully, and a sympathetic loser. Not an easy combination to pull off, especially in a show that straddled being a comedy and drama.

    "Damn, girl. You tall as shit."

    10. Myra from "Episodes"


    Portrayed by: Daisy Haggard

    The running joke of this character is that she is a television network head of comedy development and yet she doesn't seem to have any understanding of comedy. In fact, she has nary a witty or intelligent statement to add to any conversation. With no more than a strange whiny noise combined with a sour grimace, Myra often steals the scene.


    11. Peter Gregory from "Silicon Valley"


    Portrayed by: Christopher Evan Welch

    Though he tragically passed away mid-way through filming the series, Welch delivered a unforgettable performance that elevated the show. Peter Gregory is a genius tech-industry innovator who speaks in a slow strange manner befitting his alien-like superior intelligence.

    "I was never enjoying [the asparagus]. I was only eating it for the nutrients. You may take it."

    12. Finchy from "The Office" (UK)

    Portrayed by: Ralph Ineson

    The fact that most non-Brits can barely understand him does not diminish the humor of Finchy. David Brent's best mate was a crass, arrogant, misogynistic bully who drops in every few episodes to make everyone uncomfortable. You hate him, but look forward to his appearances and relish when he finally gets put in his place.

    "Give me half hour with her I'd be up to me nuts in guts. "

    13. Excelsior Szekely from "Louie"


    Performed by: F. Murray Abraham

    One of Louie's funniest and strangest sequences features his aristocratic Mexican-Hungarian uncle. Over a mid-day serving of Cornish hen in the empty Russian Tea Room, Szekely strings together incomplete anecdotes about credenzas, horses and condoms, all the while shaming Louie for not visiting his father.

    "When a man has intercourse with a prostitute, and he covers his organ with protection so that he won't catch her wretchedness, he is acting in the interest of his family."

    14. Leonard Stiltskin from "Party Down"

    Starz / Via

    Performed by: J.K. Simmons

    This high-powered Hollywood producer shows up twice to deliver the most hilarious expletive-riddled lines in TV.

    "Tell that fucking prick that two hit shows in five years is enough to get most guys fired. He must really be sucking the shit out of Mickey's little rodent cock over there at Maushwitz."

    15. Glen Tennis from "Tim & Eric Awesome Show"

    Adult Swim / Via

    Portrayed by: A.D. Miles

    Part of the fun of Tim & Eric is wondering what's behind the inside jokes that make it into each episode. Glen Tennis is a arrogant low-budget movie director of such garbage films as "The Pillgrums" and "Crystal Shyps". Is he based on some film school nemesis of Tim & Eric? We'll probably never know.

    "I do have a real job! This is my real job!"

    16. The Assholes from "High Maintenance"

    Janky Clown Productions / Via Vimeo

    Portrayed by: Heléne York and Max Jenkins

    Episode: "Olivia"

    The most toxic and obnoxious Manhattanites ever captured in fiction... and unfortunately completely realistic. The brilliance of their performance is that it stops just short of unbelievable. There are real people this awful.

    "But it's like how am i supposed to express my creativity and stretch my wings if they don't give me a budget? It's like a bird in a cage, literally right now. And I have to shit and I'm in Meatpacking and nobody shits here."

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