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15 Accidental Hipsters From Old TV And Movies

...before it was cool.

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Sometimes you're watching an old TV show or movie and you notice a character that has the exact same style as one of today's hipsters.

for example...

1. The Gelfings from The Dark Crystal

Universal Pictures

Looks like: Your downstairs neighbors whose section of the hallway always smells like pot. She's a barista and he makes collage art. I think they went to Bennington.

2. Gozer from Ghostbusters


Looks like: She's definitely in an experimental dance troupe who are performing at an art collective event this weekend. There's no Facebook event page for it


8. "Warriors, come out and playyyy" guy from The Warriors

Paramount / Via

Looks like: a noise-metal bass-player who keeps getting kicked out of bands and can't get anything going on Tinder either.

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