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    30 Things That'll Do Their Darndest To Make Life A Touch More Manageable

    You've got a lot on your plate. Let these products take something off of it.

    1. A bleach-free Wet & Forget shower cleaner for not only cleaning but preventing soap scum buildup. Once a week simply give your shower a spray, let it sit overnight, rinse off the next day, then — BOOM — you're done and didn't even break a sweat.

    2. A pack of Downy fabric spray so you can rock wrinkle-free fits even when there's no time (or energy) to break out the iron.

    a split image of a reviewer's shirt before and after using the wrinkle release spray

    3. These produce-saver containers to save you money (and unecessary trips to the grocery store) by keeping produce fresher for longer with ~mystical~ ventilation technology.

    4. A kitchen cabinet pull out drawer that'll store anything from canned goods to cutting boards. It'll create a nice little presentation whenever you pull it out.

    the pull out drawer holding wine bottles and canned goods

    5. An easy-to-use liquid ant killer that's essentially a "set it and forget it" way to take care of any ant infestations without spraying your home with a bunch of chemicals.

    6. A set of bedsheet fasteners if you're tired of waking up every morning to a tangled fitted sheet that just won't stay put.

    7. A pair of anti-chafe thigh bands because your favorite dress is calling to you from the closet, and you should be able to wear it without dealing with annoying pain and irritation!

    8. A silicone-free L'Oreal moisturizing treatment for anyone who doesn't have time to fuss with goopy hair masks with disappointing results. This rinse-out formula works on any hair texture or length in just EIGHT SECONDS, delivering the proteins and amino acids necessary for a shiny, flippable mane.

    9. A mesh car cache so you don't have to break your arm reaching for your bag that's already spilled its contents across the backseat. There's also a pocket for tucking an umbrella or other essentials that are usually left to roll around on the floor.

    10. A handy bite suction tool to suck out the venom left behind under the skin by our bug and insect friends. It'll help reduce both itchiness and swelling and get things healed up a lot sooner.

    11. A seven-day pill organizer with a.m. and p.m. compartments that'll help you feel your best by staying on track with all your daily medications and supplements.

    12. Dishwasher-cleaning tablets because (to my shock and horror) you have to clean the thing that cleans your dishes, and these tablets make doing so as quick and easy as...well...running the dishwasher.

    13. A concentrated allergen spray for a quick and easy way to reduce the presence of airborne and surface allergens from pets, mites, and more. Time to spray away those sneezes!

    the allergen spray

    14. An absorbent faucet drip catcher so you can cut out the after-dinner ritual of sopping up the small lagoon that forms behind your sink every time you do dishes.

    15. A bottle of anti-fog spray to help prevent the dreaded face mask fog when wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses. The pandemic changed a lot of things — your desire to see clearly is not one of them.

    16. An ergonomic massage therapy cane with six nodes that'll help relieve muscle knots and tension in those tough to reach places like your shoulders, lower back, and more.

    17. A patented pet hair remover if you're tired of dragging out the vacuum or lint roller every time your pet touches literally anything. This lightweight roller uses bristles, not sticky tape, to catch lint, meaning you can clean and reuse it over and over and over again.

    18. A pop-up silicone drain protector because protecting your drain from hair means protecting yourself from having to pull a wet woolly mammoth out of your pipes in the future.

    19. A fragrance-free litter deodorizer for enjoying a better-smelling home without endless poop scooping, because nobody's got time for that. Plus, it'll help extend the life of your litter, saving you $$$.

    20. A convenient Home Chef subscription so you can forget about meal planning for once by having pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes sent straight to your door! For really hectic days, you can opt for ready-made meals with ready-made peace of mind when inevitably someone in the house asks "What's for dinner?"

    A topdown view of a meatball, potato, and pea dish

    21. A TikTok-famous pink cleaning paste to tackle any and every mess life throws your way with ease — scuff marks, stovetops, tires, pots, tubs, you name it.

    22. A houseplant leaf funnel that'll make watering your indoor jungle a lot quicker and easier. More water in your plant's pot = less water all over your floors.

    water being poured into a leaf shaped funnel attached to a potted plant

    23. A variety pack of ready-to-eat beans if there just doesn't feel like enough time in the day to cook up the nutritious (and delicious) meals you crave. Simply warm up a packet in the microwave or on the stove and you've got a ready-made protein to mix into any meal in minutes.

    24. These slip-on cork sandals because life feels a little easier with a reliable pair of comfy-cute shoes around to cradle your feet in good times and in bad.

    25. Some self-adhesive soundproofing strips you can apply to the edges of drafty doors and windows for blocking out the sound of your roommate's three-hour-long Zoom meeting.

    26. A mini wallet emergency kit printed with the city skyline of your choice that's stocked with those easy-to-forget provisions that'll save you in a pinch! A bandage for those new-shoe blisters, a sewing kit for lost buttons, or a deodorant wipe because — don't lie — we've all been there.

    A small white faux leather pouch with a black skyline print surrounded by a mix of travel-sized toiletries and on-the-go essentials

    27. A cordless vacuum so lightweight and easy to maneuver that you might start to say wild things like "I like vacuuming." Speaking from firsthand experience, once you go cordless, you'll never want to go back.

    28. A set of Instant Pot cheat sheet magnets if you're a pressure-cooking novice tired of spending as much time googling recipe directions as you do actually cooking.

    29. A super-comfy moisture-wicking bra with adjustable straps and no painful underwire to keep you supported and stain-free whether you're nursing or nervous sweating.