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    32 Things Reviewers Over 50 Swear By To Help Them Look And Feel Their Best

    Get ready to welcome a whole bunch of life-changing products into your life.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A tub of rejuvenating eye cream for tightening, brightening, and lifting those tired eyes and making it look like you actually got enough sleep for the first time ever.,

    Promising review: "I have been using this daily for about eight months now. I am 60 years old. It reduced the puffiness and bags under my eyes. I am Sicilian and had dark circles. It has brightened up my eye area. I am very surprised as I have paid much more for eye creams that have done so much less. I recently had precancerous cells removed at the bridge of my nose. After healing, I was left with a dark scar. The dermatologist told me that it would heal over time. Since I began to apply this eye cream, the mark has almost disappeared entirely. I shop constantly from Amazon. This is the first time that I have taken the time to write a review. That's how impressed I am with this product. If you decide to purchase this, you won't be sorry." —Lynda M.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in three sizes).

    2. A pack of face masks that'll deliver skin-tightening, fine line–reducing benefits at the small price of looking like an extra in The Walking Dead for 15 minutes. It'll just make that post-facial reveal that much sweeter!

    Reviewer before and after showing the mask made their skin look tighter and reduced the appearance of some wrinkles

    The kit includes eight Zombie Pack sets (powder and activator), plus one applicator brush!

    Promising review: "At 60 years old I have tried SO MANY products...anything short of surgery to lift and tighten my face. Around the age of 57 my pores became larger and larger. I tried product after product and spent hundreds trying to find that fountain of youth. There is nothing like going into a store with sales people younger than my grandchildren telling me what I'm doing 'wrong' with my skincare regime. They had never seen a wrinkle in their lives. I thought I would give this face mask a shot. I mean what did I have to lose? Immediate results! I couldn't believe it! My pores were small; my face was different...and in a good way...LOL. I can't believe my skin looks so good. I'm so excited. I had to write a review. I don't think you'll be sorry if you decide to try this. I know I sure wasn't!" —Judi Bragg

    Get an eight-pack from Amazon for $20.30.

    3. A gluten- and cruelty-free lengthening mascara if you're tired of getting excited about mascaras that never live up to their promises. This one is different — or at least according to the 135,000+ 5-star reviews.,

    Promising review: "I am 68 years old and have been using makeup for 52 of those years. I have tried many mascaras over those years, from inexpensive to very expensive. I cannot say that I have ever been really happy with the results. I had reached the point where I thought that, it does not matter the cost, they are pretty much all the same. This changed my mind. I put on two coats and it made my lashes look so thick. If I did not know better, I would think that I had on false eyelashes. I used baby shampoo, as I always do, and I always lather with the baby shampoo twice, to remove the mascara, and it came off easily. I will look no more for a new mascara. I cannot imagine a mascara better than this." —Piaget

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

    4. A stainless-steel foot file so you can treat your feet on the regular and scrape off all that dried, cracked skin keeping you from being the foot model you were always born to be.

    Before image of a cracked foot with an after image of the skin smooth

    Promising review: "This file is the most amazing product. You name it, I’ve tried it. I’m 80 years old and have calluses on my left foot and heels. Since pedicures are still off-limits in my area, I was desperate. This little guy worked like a charm. In 10 minutes both feet were done and smooth. My feet were dry, not wet, and I was careful not to press down. I can’t say enough about the Rikans Foot File." —Arlene R. Bridgeman

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    5. A stretchy exercise belt with multiple access pockets to store your massive phone, keys, ID, and even a snack with a no-bounce belt that looks just like the waistband of your favorite yoga pants.,

    FYI, this is included in Prime Wardrobe so you can give it a trial run if you're a member! It's also 100% machine washable (just remember to take your earbuds out first).

    Promising review: "As a whiny crybaby, I never ran with water or snacks unless I was running more than 10 miles. Boy, I hit 65 and it all goes to h*##! I hated carrying things in my hands. Belts rubbed blisters and sloshed. Everything was SO ANNOYING! Now I found the Flipbelt and everything is rosy. It does not move, rub, or annoy me in any way. And it's cute too. For those worried about the water being too hot, I freeze half a bottle then add cold to the other half just like you do for bike bottles. Stays cold for a long time, problem solved." —e chapman

    Get it from Amazon for $22.17+ (available in sizes XXS–XXL and in 13 styles).

    6. An affordable teeth-whitening pen because traditional strips make you wait weeks for gradual results and can leave you with teeth sensitivity that is, in my professional opinion, NO fun. This pen can achieve visible results after just one use. And the best part? No lingering sensitivity.

    a split image of a reviewer's teeth before and after using the whitening pen

    Promising review: "I am pleased to say that after trying many teeth whiteners I have found one that is actually working on my 63-year-old stubborn grayish stained teeth. Very easy to use, which is a bonus." —Kathy Padgett

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $19.99

    7. A multitasking plant-powered vitamin C serum with over 56,000 5-star ratings for anyone looking to lessen dark circles, sun spots, redness, and breakouts.

    A split photo of a face with some breakouts and the same face with the breakouts gone.

    Check out our TruSkin Vitamin C Serum deep dive for more info!

    Promising review: "This serum is just as amazing as everyone says it is. I am 67 years old, and I have light melasma on both of my cheekbones. I have done *everything* to get rid of it (microdermabrasion, other serums, clarisonic exfoliation, and on and on ad nauseam). I wear SPF 50–70 on my face 365 days a year, and I've done that for decades. I also drink a lot of water. It looked as good as it was going to get. Now my skin looks even better, and the melasma has never been lighter. Overall, my skin tone just looks very even and smooth. Every morning when I look in the mirror at my face, I marvel at how smooth it looks for my age. This is such a terrific product. I just finished my first bottle and I'm on to my second one!" —Rabid Reader

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two sizes).

    8. An ergonomic massage therapy cane with six nodes that'll help relieve muscle knots and tension in those tough-to-reach places like your shoulders, lower back, and more., Amazon

    Promising review: "I purchased this after trying out my sister’s. Her chiropractor recommended hers for shoulder pain. I am 50 and do a lot of heavy lifting and stirring at a restaurant I work at and the pain in my arms and back sometimes is almost unbearable. Once I started using this the recommended way, it helped immensely. I was able to reach the spots I needed and hold with ease and the relief it brings was amazing. I was worried slightly about it being sturdy enough since it has two pieces to it, but it definitely is. And it's easier to travel with and store because it comes apart. I would highly recommend this product to everyone!" —Beth P.

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99.

    9. A roll-on migraine stick packed with cooling essential oils if you're looking for added relief from painful headaches and migraines that's compact enough to put in a purse or pocket!

    Reviewer holding tube shaped roll on stick

    Promising review: "I’ve had migraines all my life, and sometimes they hit at the worst moments when I have to miss an important family event. Now I swipe the migraine stick across my forehead and temples, sometimes dabbing a little on my neck and even a little dab below each nostril when sinuses are bad. I lie down in the dark and relax until Imitrex kicks in. At first the scent seemed too strong, but after only two days I loved it! My migraines clear up much faster and I can go on with my day! For milder migraines, especially at night, I use only the stick, which helps me relax and the pain go away. I’ve never used anything like this in my 65 years of suffering, and am so thankful I did. Now I’d never be without it! Price is good, too — I’m on a limited budget and one stick lasts a few months." —DebSmith

    Read BuzzFeed's Migrastil migraine stick review for more deets!

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    10. A lightweight skin tint so you can get cake-free coverage that won't sink into skin's fine lines with an ultra-thin formula that feels weightless and looks au natural.


    Promising review: "This is amazing on mature skin and I’m genuinely surprised the brand doesn’t make more of that fact in their marketing. The tint is so lightweight that it doesn’t sit in pores or emphasize fine lines, so if you have any texture to your skin it’s an absolute godsend. It also has more coverage than the videos might suggest, and I think that’s perhaps because they have for the most part used such young models — essentially their skin is so flawless that you can’t see any difference in the before and after, which fools you into thinking the product must be completely sheer — it isn’t. I love the natural slightly glowy finish, which doesn’t have the aging affect of many of the current illuminating products; it’s just brilliant. BTW, I’m 53, but reckon this takes 5–10 years off." —RM

    Get it from Glossier for $26 (available in 12 shades).

    11. A powerful snail repair cream to plump and brighten dull, dry skin while fading discoloration with a powerful little ingredient called snail mucin, which is regularly found in K-beauty products.

    on the left, a reviewer before using the cream, and on the right the reviewer with their wrinkles reduced

    Promising review: "I'm 55 years old and my skin is a bit sensitive. I don't have a lot of wrinkles, but I'm definitely noticing a few more laugh lines and forehead crinkles than I had a few years ago! I've tried several moisturizers and have not been terribly impressed with any of them until now. This stuff really is great — incredibly hydrating without feeling greasy and it absorbs quickly. It feels great on my skin. In just a few short weeks, I definitely notice an improvement in my skin tone and fewer lines and wrinkles! Plus, the customer service is great. I had questions when I first received the product and got followup response immediately. I will definitely be ordering this product again. I use it in the evening and morning; no need for two different moisturizers. Very pleased!" —sbakey

    Get it from Amazon for $17.95.

    12. A pack of multipurpose dermaplaning razors that safely remove peach fuzz, exfoliate skin, and include a precision cover for worry-free eyebrow maintenance. So many benefits packed in one teeny-tiny blade.,

    Promising review: "Just used this amazing little razor on my face for the first time and I am hooked! I am 58 years old and battle the peach fuzz especially on my lip and chin...this was super easy and effective! The exfoliation alone is fantastic! Grab some of these for your beauty arsenal!" —Cisami

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $4.99.

    13. A pair of copper-infused compression sleeves for arch support that won't limit your range of motion. They can be worn directly over your skin — just like socks — and reviewers say they've help relieve heel and arch pain caused by a range of issues from bunions to plantar fasciitis.

    A model wearing a pair of Copper Compression Arch Support sleeves on their feet

    And (like socks) you can toss them in the wash when they start to smell a little funky.

    Promising review: "I experienced severe swelling in my feet toward the end of my second trimester. Walking the dog or even running errands was so painful. These were included on a BuzzFeed list of 'must purchase' and I am so glad I followed through. I even sent them to my aunt and father, both of whom are in their 70s and experience frequent foot pain, and they are in love with them. Highly recommend!" —Ghyas and Jeiran

    Get a pair from Amazon for $17.95.

    14. A stainless-steel tongue scraper that'll prove to be a small but mighty investment when you see all the weird tongue goo living in your mouth causing bad breath and bacteria buildup., Amazon

    Promising review: "I'm 82 years old, have all my own teeth (except for wisdom teeth and one implant), and have used at least a dozen types of tongue cleaners through the years. This is, hands down, the best: easiest to use, and most effective." —charles corum

    Get it from Amazon for $6.95 (also available in copper).

    15. A silicone-free L'Oreal moisturizing treatment if you want visibly healthier-looking hair fast — like, eight seconds fast. This rinse-out formula works on any hair texture or length, delivering the proteins and amino acids necessary for a shiny, flippable mane.

    @lorealparis / Via,

    Shine in a silicone-free product?! Dreams really do come true.

    Promising review: "I am 66 years old. I have fine thinning hair. Followed instructions. Blow-dried my hair. How awesome was it? My hair now feels regular in thickness and holds a curl and actually has body. I wish for a lifetime supply. Will use this from now on." —Mortimer Brewster

    Get it from Amazon for $8.97.

    16. An oil-free Rimmel setting spray so you can maintain that matte look you walked out of the house with ALL day. The quick-dry formula can be used as a primer or finishing spray to control shine and lock makeup in place.,

    Promising review: "I have combo normal to oily skin and this really works for me. As a 58-year-old woman living in hot and humid Texas, I need something either under my makeup or instead of makeup that controls shine and doesn't accentuate wrinkles. This really does the job! Will purchase again." —Kristy

    Get it from Amazon for $4.53.

    17. A bottle of anti-fog spray to help prevent the dreaded face mask fog when wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses. The pandemic changed a lot of things — your desire to see clearly is not one of them.,

    A heads-up that this works *super* well for some reviewers, but not all. Note that this is meant for lenses that don't have anti-reflective coating, and the instructions for use are very specific. To apply, spray a small amount on both sides of your lenses and use your fingers to rub it across the whole area. Let it sit for a full minute, then wipe with a dry soft cloth. Once they're fully dry, you should be raring to go!

    Promising review: "As a frequent racquetball player, my issue this year has been the fogging of my lenses while playing with a mask. Yes I do play with a mask at 72 years old. Just recently began using this spray and love the way it prevents my prescription goggles from fogging. I keep it in my sports bag and use it just before walking onto the court. I've thrown away all the other gimmicks I was using. Thanks for coming up with this easy to use spray!" —ricky

    Get it from Amazon for $10.55+ (available in two sizes).

    18. These slip-on cork sandals because life feels a little easier with a reliable pair of comfy-cute shoes around to cradle your feet in good times and in bad.,

    FYI — a whole bunch of reviewers compare these to Birkenstocks, saying they offer loads of comfort for a great price.

    Promising review: "I am 67 years old and have severe lower back pain. These sandals help because of the cork soles. I love these sandals and will order more." —K Baldwin

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in women's sizes 5.5–12, including wide sizes, and in 15 colors).

    19. An easy-to-use nasal spray for quick relief from allergy-induced congestion. This saline rinse washes away irritants and helps to reduce tissue swelling so you can stop mouth breathing and rubbing your nose raw with tissues.

    a reviewer photo of the nasal spray bottle

    Promising review: "I cannot live without this spray! I have had bad sinuses since I was a kid. My boss recommended Xlear to me, and I have been a believer ever since. It actually burns sometimes when you spray it in your nostrils, but that is due to the Xylitol. After a few minutes, your nose starts to run and then the nasal passages are clear. Don't just try it once and say it doesn't work...use it as DOES work. At 53 years old, and sinus challenges all my life, I am living proof! I use it all through allergy, effective, and NATURAL!!!" —Karenej67

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99

    20. A seven-day pill organizer with a.m. and p.m. compartments that'll help you feel your best by staying on track with all your daily medications and supplements., Amazon

    Promising review: "At 66 years old, This handy medication case has made taking my daily routine of taking 11 different pills so much easier. It divides each day into two — a.m. and p.m. It is sturdy and when opened allows you to access only one day's meds at a time. Love it." —Stichez

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in four colors).

    21. A rechargeable hair trimmer if you want silky-smooth legs without partaking in the laborious act of shaving. This palm-sized shaver can be used anytime, anywhere, and without soap or water. It is perfect for anyone who regularly struggles with nicks, irritation, and razor bumps.

    a reviewer photo of one leg covered with hair and the other hair-free

    Promising review: "I am so happy with this shaver! I'm 62 and I have fibromyalgia. Most days it's to hard to shave in the shower. My husband bought me this. No it doesn't shave quite as close as a razor but probably would come close if used everyday. I have and love several of the Finishing Touch Flawless products." —Smurray

    Get it from Amazon for $25.05

    22. A flowy striped midi dress so timeless and elegant that future you won't even cringe at past you for wearing it when looking through old photos.,

    Promising review: "Based on other reviews I bought this dress. What a beautiful dress! I chose the black and ivory. It will pair nicely with a black suit jacket or shrug later in the season, so it is versatile. It is a perfect dress for church or casual events and works for all ages. I'm in my early 60s (look younger) and it fit perfectly. Hangs nicely. Washed on delicate cycle with Woolite for darks and hung to air dry. Perfect!" —Mary Gates

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in sizes S–XL and in seven styles).

    23. A bottle of nail and cuticle care oil you apply like a clear coat of polish to give your nails all the cuticle-softening, nail-strengthening nourishment they've been craving.

    A split reviewer image showing a hand with brittle, chipped nails and dry cuticles on the left, and the same hand with healthy-looking nails and cuticle on the right

    Promising review: "I was skeptical that this would do anything for my fragile nails. Four months later I'm stunned that my nails are not chipping and peeling like they used to, and even the ridges are diminishing. When I look at the quarter-inch or so of growth from the nail bed that has occurred since I started using this product, I see nice, smooth, healthy nails. I can't wait to see what they look like several months from now when the entire nail has had a chance to grow out. I apply the oil all around the nail including under the tips of the nails before I go to bed most nights and massage it in while I watch the evening news. It is good to know nice nails are not a thing of the past even though I'm over 50 year old." —All His 247

    Get it from Amazon for $8.50+ (available in three sizes).

    24. A wildly popular Bio-Oil because real-life magic (aka science) has gifted us this powerful blend of nourishing oils and vitamins to help fade scars and lock in moisture without feeling heavy on the skin and clogging pores.,

    Promising review: "Bio-Oil is the BEST skin product on the market. I use it as a twice a day — morning and before I go to bed. Small lines have disappeared. My skin is very smooth and seems to glow. A doctor recommended this to one of my friends who told me about it. I have bought several bottles as gifts. Be patient. It will take a few months for you to see notice the changes. I am 71 years old. No one paid me to write this." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $8.92+ (available in three sizes).

    25. A Maybelline concealer for masking dark circles and undereye bags with a plushy applicator and crease-free formula. Sure, you're ready to crawl back into bed at a moment's notice, but you don't want them to know that.

    Promising review: "Best under-eye concealer ever. I am 67 years old and have tried them alI. I wouldn't go out without applying this concealer. It blends nicely with my foundation and has never caked. The sponge applicator is soft and makes application quick and easy. I will continue to use this product and hope, like many products I've used over the years, that it doesn't get discontinued." —Morty

    Check out my colleague's Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer review and learn why it's her favorite.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.98 (available in 18 shades).

    26. A sleek Fitbit tracker that monitors workouts, sleep, stress, and more, providing you with real-time data that can help optimize your health and wellness routines.

    a reviewer's wrist wearing the FitBit

    Promising review: "I have had this tracker for almost a month, and I love it! The battery life is great (I recharge mine every four or five days). I like the slim profile of the band, and the tracker is easy to read (I am almost 70 years old and have no trouble reading it, even in bright sunlight). Sleep tracking is mostly accurate, although it doesn't always log a nap to your sleep total. Overall, I'm very happy with this tracker!" —BookLover68

    Get it from Amazon for $129.95+ (available in four colors). 

    27. A fast-acting air purifier if you're looking for a quick and easy way to eliminate airborne allergens in your home. Three-stage filtration works to trap pet dander, pollen, odors, and more so you can breathe a little easier — literally.,

    The purifier filters allergens, mold, pet dander, dust, smoke, and cooking odors, and covers up to 219 square feet. Plus, there's a smart indicator to let you know when it's time to put in a new replacement filter.

    Promising review: "As a strong and healthy 72-year-old female who has been working out with a trainer for more than 13 years, I was frustrated by a recent diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia, which has subsided and reappeared several times. My sleep was disrupted, my breathing sometimes challenged, etc. I purchased this unit because — even though I have an ozone-producing air purifier on my condo HVAC system — I felt it wasn't producing enough purified air in the master bedroom. The Levoit unit makes up for that deficit, freshens the room, and improves my breathing and sleep. Many thanks for a great product!" —Barbara

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99 (also available in black).

    28. A soothing electric massager so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy a heated deep-tissue massage from virtually anywhere. With eight kneading massage modes and adjustable intensity, you have complete control and don't have to awkwardly micromanage your masseuse to get the relief you need.

    four images of a model using the massager on different parts of their body

    Promising review: "All I can say is that I just received this today and my tension headache is relieved and I feel like I have just had the most expensive and relaxing massage from the comfort of my home desk chair. I have pressure points and such tense muscles and joints, mainly from work-related stress. I love it because you are not holding up a handheld massager for a long period of time. You are actually able to relax your arms and hands in the holders while you are still able to control the intensity and how deep you want the massage on your back and neck. I love that you control the heat and how slow or fast it goes. It is the best and only birthday gift I have ever purchased for myself and I turn 57 this week! I love it! I recommend it wholeheartedly." —jacqueline m myers

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (available in three colors). 

    29. A box of salicylic acid wart-removing bandages you apply like bandages to force out the wart living rent free under your skin.

    A set of four reviewer pictures: The wart turned white, the ward even whiter and starting to rise, the ward starting to separate, and the wart peeling off

    Promising review: "I got a plantar wart for the first time in my life (I'm in my 60s). I first tried every home remedy I could find (duct tape, superglue, fingernail polish). They didn't even touch it. I finally broke down and ordered these. In 48 hours (and barely able to walk) the wart was removed with the pad!! It did come back after about a month. One more pad and 48 hours later it was gone for good." —kim mabry

    Get a pack of 14 from Amazon for $6.

    30. A posture corrector because you've probably spent the last year hunched over your less-than-ideal WFH setup and your spine might be suffering for it. Wear this brace for an hour or two every day to start gaining the muscle memory to self-correct your posture even when not wearing it!

    the reviewer before and after putting the brace on

    This unisex brace is designed for chest circumference ranging from 27–42 inches.

    Promising review: "I have had lower back pain for years. Recently I've been working on it — lost weight, reduced fat in diet, specific exercises, and chiropractic treatment. I was making progress, but the Posture Corrector was a perfect addition. I wear it twice a day...walk, shoulders back, good stride, pain-free. I've only been using it a week, but I believe it will be the support that allows this 86-year-old to walk and return to traveling when this pandemic again allows it. The appliance is easy to use. I'm recommending it to family and friends. A lot of friends in my retirement community will find it a godsend." —Geezer

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    31. A V-neck adjustable wrap blouse you can wear off or on the shoulders for a low-effort piece that delivers high drama whether you're on vacation or just hitting up a work happy hour.,

    Promising review: "This is an amazing blouse and plan to order in another color! I wore it in my 55 photoshoot." —Sandra Edwards

    Get it from Amazon for $31.85+ (available in sizes XS–XL and in 19 colors).

    32. A pair of compression gloves that helps relieve the muscle and joint pain caused by arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and similar conditions, so you can type that novel or crochet that scarf without all the ouchies.

    a reviewer wearing the gloves

    Promising review: "As a professional tennis racquet stringer, I often work for 8 to 10 hours straight at the stringing machine. At 58 years old, and having done this work for many years, I have developed arthritis in my hands. I’ve worn out many pairs of gloves similar to these. Most are cheaply made and tear apart at the seams in days. ComfyBrace gloves are the best quality I have found. They provide the relief I need, they’re comfortable, and they last longer than the other brands I’ve tried. With these gloves, I’m able to continue working a trade that I love. Thank you, ComfyBrace! Try these, you will not regret it!" —M. McDonald

    Get them from Amazon for $18.70+ (available in three sizes). 

    You trying these products and ~obviously~ thriving:


    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.