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These 27 Small Businesses Will Probably Leave You Screaming "Take My Money"

From dog sneakers to plastic-free toothpaste, these small businesses have got the goods you're going to want to tell everyone you know about.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. Huppy has engineered vegan and plastic-free toothpaste tablets to keep your mouth and the planet clean. Store the tabs in your own container or snag one of their too-cute reusable tins. Then just chew, add water, and brush, brush, brush away!


Huppy is an Asian-owned small biz creating plastic-free toothpaste tablets out of sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients. Everything is vegan, GMO- and cruelty-free. Best of all? Huppy donates 2% of revenue to fund sustainability initiatives!

As with every area of my life, I'm always looking for more eco-friendly alternatives to the things I use every day. Toothpaste was next. I was familiar with other brands making plastic-free tabs, but hadn't found one that felt adequately cost-efficient — until now! I love how zero-waste the process is with Huppy. You get a forever tin (pick from blue or blush) and then buy refills that come in compostable pouches. The whole chewing thing can be weird at first (my boyfriend found it aggressively minty, I just think they taste like Altoids) but both of us got used to it pretty quickly. With water, the tabs foam up pretty instantly, and after that, it's just a normal teeth-brushing experience. In fact, I'm actually finding that not dealing with drippy toothpaste and tiny screw-on caps is actually pretty delightful. A cleaner process both in and out of my mouth.

Get a 62-pack of toothpaste tablets and a reusable tin for $12 (available in two flavors and in two tin colors).

2. Kulfi Beauty knows a thing or two about making a great eyeliner. Their award-winning formula is creamy for a smooth glide, brightly pigmented, and long-lasting so you can get the bold look you're after without the subsequent raccoon eyes.

Kulfi Beauty

Kulfi Beauty (named for a type of South Asian ice cream) is a woman-owned small biz that Priyanka Ganjoo founded after spending years working in the beauty industry without ever seeing herself represented. Their mission is all about creating space for self-expression, particularly within the South Asian community, and all of their products are made with the skin concerns of POC women in mind.

Get the Kajal eyeliner for $20 (available in five colors).

3. KimHauCeramics brings thoughtful modern design to the age-old art of ceramics, creating practical home goods that not only look stunning in your space but will make life just a bit sweeter and easier.

Kim Hau Ceramics / Etsy

Kim Hau Ceramics is a small Denver-based store run by Kim Hau, a Vietnamese American creating gorgeous, handcrafted ceramic home goods.

Get the soap dish with a strainer for $40 (available in four colors) and a round coffee mug for $38.

4. Freja New York engineers splurge-worthy, small-batch staple bags to ground your wardrobe. We're talking ultra-functional work totes with pockets aplenty and surprisingly roomy shoulder bags — each created with the health of both people and planet in mind.

Freja New York

Freja New York is a Chinese woman-owned brand founded by Jenny Lei, who designs gorgeous handbags. She's committed to sweating the small stuff, working hard to have the smallest impact on the environment possible, while working closely with her manufacturing partners to ensure all workers are treated fairly.

Get The Paloma Tote for $348 (available in two colors) and The Shoulder Bag for $248 (available in two colors).

5. CaitlynMinimalist just might be responsible for your next great gift or wear-everywhere piece of jewelry. Each handcrafted item has that perfectly dainty go-with-everything feel that can easily be dressed up or down, and many of their styles are able to be personalized!

CaitlynMinimalist / Amazon Handmade

Caitlyn Minimalist is a Los Angeles-based small biz headed by Kate Lim that's creating beautiful jewelry with a personalized touch. Every piece is handcrafted using high-quality solid 925 sterling silver in their workshop.

Get the custom paw print ring for $26.75 (available in sizes 3.5–11.5 and in three colors) and the custom decade necklace for $36.50 (available in five lengths and in three colors).

6. Sanzo captures real fruit flavor without added sugars inside their line of lightly sweet sparkling water in traditional Asian flavors like calamansi (aka the Philippine lime), lychee, and mango.

Three different-color cans surrounded by various spices, fruits, and vegetables sitting on a counter
@drinksanzo / Via

Sandro Roco, a Queens-born Filipino American, launched the brand in 2018 after noticing a big disconnect between the modern labels of new-age drinks and the preservative- and sugar-laden labels of the legacy Asian brands. Sanzo's sparkling waters aim to bridge cultures, by celebrating authentic Asian flavors using real fruit and no added sugars or artificial flavors.

Get the 12-pack sampler from Amazon for $34.99 or from Sanzo for $34.99 (subscribe and save 10%).

7. Rooted is as much a community as it is a shop. Not only do they deliver a wide variety of houseplants straight to your door (with free shipping!) but their website is chock-full of resources and tips for keeping said houseplants happy and healthy. Not sure where to start? Take their plant quiz to find the right leafy green friend for your space and lifestyle.


Rooted is an Asian-owned small biz dedicated to reconnecting people with nature through houseplants, a desire they discovered after moving from California and Hawaii to NYC. Their one-stop-shop aims to make finding, transporting, and caring for houseplants a lot simpler.

Get the Mystery Jungle Box for $59 and the Steel Circle Wall Hanger for $39 (available in seven colors).

8. LEZÉ The Label is committed to stylish comfort, designing earth-friendly clothes that look polished and professional but seriously (I can attest) feel like pajamas. They're proudly made in an ethical Chinese factory, working to break the negative "Made in China" stigma.

Danielle Healy / BuzzFeed, LEZÉ The Label

LEZÉ The Label is an Asian- and woman-owned small biz creating comfortable clothes out of recycled and eco-friendly materials like fishnets, coffee grounds, and plastic bottles. Their collections are produced in an ethical Chinese factory that is 80% led by women and their workers are paid 15% higher than the industry standard with benefits and overtime pay.

This brand is my new obsession. I have a cardicoat (pictured above) and a trench dress that I immediately fell in love with. Both items are, I cannot overstate this, ~buttery~ soft, look good enough to go out in, but are comfortable enough for staying in. They feel uniquely suited for whatever "new normal" we are transitioning into. The products standalone, but the fact that they are responsibly crafted from recycled materials...I mean, what more could you ask for?

Get the Mira Cardicoat for $112 (originally $140; available in sizes XS–XXL and also in the colors in the colors Papaya and Bone) and the Nora Dress for $135 (available in sizes XS–XXL and also in the colors Moss and Butter).

9. Sạch combines sustainability and sweet-smelling scents in their collection of clean candles, each of which is made from all-natural coconut wax, comes packaged in 100% recyclable jars, and is printed with hand-cut labels made from biodegradable sugar cane paper to reduce waste!

A white candle in a screw-top jar surrounded by green flowers in brow paper bags

Sạch (which means clean in Vietnamese) is owned by real-life couple and Los Angeles-dwelling Vietnamese Americans, Tram and Kevin. The pair creates delicious-smelling, eco-conscious candles because, like many people, they have been struggling to balance their current desires for comfort with their growing concerns for the future of the environment.

Get the Tâm candle for $22.

10. Gift of Heart dreams up conversation-starting jewelry (mostly earrings, but pendants, too) that you won't find anywhere else. The shop's specialty lies in their glittery acrylic styles, in bold shapes like dangling cheeseburgers and shimmering planets.

Gift of Heart / Etsy

Gift of Heart is a small jewelry biz on Etsy run by Kim Chen, a Taiwanese American living in Los Angeles. She crafts earrings from a wide range of materials, like wood and leather, but the majority of her creations are made from glittering acrylic in wonderfully wacky shapes.

Get the acrylic cicada earrings for $17+ and the wooden blue leaf earrings for $16+ (available in four back styles).

11. RIFRUF protects puppy paws from physical and fashion disasters alike with stylish shoes even discerning sneakerheads would approve of. For now, they only have their flagship, vet-endorsed Caesar 1 sneakers, but new styles and colors are in the works!, RIFRUF

RIFRUF is an Asian-owned small biz founded by Peter Liu and Jeremy Yoon that's creating design-driven dog shoes. It all started when Caesar (Peter's adorable Frenchie and Chief Dog Officer) had one too many run-ins with irritated paws, and his humans had trouble finding booties that met their high expectations for style and paw protection. They even have the option to purchase four-packs containing two different sizes, for dogs with large size differentials between their front and back paws.

Get a set of four Caesar 1 dog booties for $65 (available in sizes XS–L and in three colors).

12. Acaderma takes a fluff-free approach to skincare. Their team is a mix of biologists and dermatologists working together to create proprietary skin solutions with increased potency and decreased pollution and waste. Skincare savants will have plenty of material to pour over on the Acaderma website — each product page feels like a deep dive into the science, with many products including images from the clinical trials.

@acaderma / Via, @acaderma / Via

Acaderma was founded by Dr. Shuting Hu, one of the youngest cosmetic scientists awarded by the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists. The team sources their ingredients directly, uses a 3D artificial skin model as an alternative to animal testing, and all of their products are backed by science with third-party random, double-blind clinical trials.

Get the Barrier Booster for $14+ (available in two sizes) and the Stabilizing Toner for $10+ (available in two sizes).

13. Bohana brings good vibes to snacking with their wide array of savory and sweet popped water lily seeds. The Shark Tank alum works closely with a farm in Bihar, India to grow the nutritious puff snack, and is committed to a fully collaborative supply chain that ensures fair wages and sustainable harvesting.

three bags of different-flavored bohana popped water lily seeds surrounded by bowls filled with the snack
@bohanalife / Via

Bohana is a small Boston-based snack biz founded by two women, Priyal Bhartia and Nadine Habayeb. Priyal grew up eating popped water lily seeds and after reconnecting with the snack in adulthood, she and Nadine teamed up to introduce Americans to the nutritious, crunchy treat.

My boyfriend and I always need to keep "a crunchy" in the house and these ones are pretty darn delicious and don't make me feel like poo after I accidentally eat a whole bag in one sitting. They have a really satisfying crunch, and all the flavors are great, but if you're good with a little heat the Soulful Spice flavor is my personal fav. Bonus: they're not just gluten-free, but avoid all eight top allergens!

Get a savory variety pack from Amazon for $24.99 or from Bohana for $17.99+ (available in packs of four or 12).

14. TarokoMoon will make you want to replace all the soap in your life with their colorful collection of handcrafted soaps shaped like fortunate cookies, bao, and other Asian treats. This multi-talented maker also has a knack for glasswork, creating decorative good luck charms inspired by their Taiwanese culture.

TarokoMoon / Etsy

TarokoMoon is a Los Angelas-based Etsy shop run by Monica, a Taiwanese American who handmakes soaps and charms shaped like Chinese favorites like dumplings, mooncakes, and fortune cookies.

Get a 22-pack of gummy bear soaps for $37.99 (available in six colors and in two styles) and the mooncake hand soap for $5.50 (available in four colors)

15. byFeliciaLiang weaves her own cultural identity and the stories of surrounding communities into her vibrant work. From poppy digital prints to textured pencil drawings, Liang's work aims to make others feel uplifted and seen through the shared experiences and motifs featured in each piece.

byFeliciaLiang / Etsy

byFeliciaLiang is a Danville, California-based Etsy shop run by Felicia Liang, an Asian American artist specializing in digital and colored pencil illustrations. Her work is directly influenced by the cultures and communities she lives around.

Get the flower arrangement print for $60 and the noodle restaurant print for $40 (available in two colors).

16. Sqwishful is cleaning up your kitchen sink with sponges, dish brushes, and scrubbers made out of all-natural recyclable and compostable materials that won't pile up in the landfill once you're done with them. Fun fact: each of their plant-based, dye-free sponges is compressed to reduce its carbon footprint during shipping. Just run it under water and watch it pop up!


Launched in 2018, Sqwishful is an Asian-American, woman-owned small biz with a mission to create useful, effective cleaning products that don't make the world less clean in the process.

Get a three-pack of pop-up sponges from Sqwishful for $6.

17. PinchofClayCo knows how to balance cute and cool with her array of ceramic and porcelain home goods. The animal-themed planters and ornaments are quirky, while the mugs and serving trays are distinctly modern. What each item has in common is an unparalleled attention-to-detail and a cozy feel you'll absolutely want to bring into your space.

PinchofClayCo / Etsy

PinchofClayCo is run by Ann, who grew up in South Korea and moved to the United States six years ago. She handcrafts modern ceramic and porcelain kitchen goods, planters, vases, and more! Plus, she takes commissions! I personally commissioned a planter from Ann to look like my friend's dog for their birthday and A) my friend absolutely loved it and B) it turned out absolutely amazing!

Get the farmhouse grid cappuccino mug for $45 and the Shiba succulent planter for $42+ (available with or without soil).

18. Live Tinted started with a viral video and has grown into a makeup brand and online community for underrepresented voices in beauty. Their cornerstone product is the Huestick, an award-winning multi-stick that can be used for color correction or as blendable, buildable pigment on lips, cheeks, and eyes.

Live Tinted

Live Tinted started with a viral video of founder Deepica Mutyala using red lipstick as a color corrector. Created based on feedback from the subsequent online community, Live Tinted now has a range of Multisticks that can be used as a color corrector to balance discoloration under makeup, and as an eye shadow, blush and lipstick.

Get a Huestick Multisticks for $24 (available in four colors) and the Huestick Corrector for $24 (available in five colors).

19. MoaniBags808 is a father-daughter operation handmaking every one of their fun yet functional printed bags out of their home in Hawaii. From totes and backpacks to purses and pencil cases, each vibrant style feels like a work of art with review after review calling out how high-quality the products are.

MoaniBags808 / Etsy

MoaniBags808 is a Mililani Town, Hawaii-based Etsy shop run by a daughter-father duo named Moani and Bruce who handmake all their high-quality bags from their home. Their shop bio includes an adorable not that though they inspect every piece before shipping out, there is always the possibility that a stray dog hair from one of their precious pooches might slip in.

Get the brown barkcloth purse for $60 and the pocket monsters tote for $65( and since both bags are one-of-one, you may want to browse the full bag selection here.

20. Made in Chinatown supports small businesses in Manhattan's Chinatown through a range of community initiatives as well as merchandise lines, which are dreamed up by a talented team of volunteer designers in collaboration with local restaurants, shops, and organizations.

A crew neck sweatshirt printed with Chines script and text that reads "Two Lobsters w. Ginger + Scallion $35"

Welcome to Chinatown is a grassroots initiative supporting Manhattan's Chinatown in light of COVID-19’s economic impact. By offering pro bono services and helping small businesses drive additional income, Welcome to Chinatown is working to amplify community voices. Since their founding, they have raised over $400,000 from multiple community initiatives including their merchandise lines, Made in Chinatown.

Get the Big Wong x Made in Chinatown sweater for $54.99 (available in unisex sizes S—XXL).

21. Pepper wants everyone in the IBTC to find a bra that fits and lifts their smaller boobies without the annoying cup gaps or unnecessary padding. That's why all of their bras are specially engineered to hug AA–B cup curves without awkward bunching — like yoga pants for boobs!


Pepper was launched in 2017 by two women who wanted to fill in the gaps present in the lingerie industry, working against the notion that if you're skinny, you must have small boobs, and if you're larger you must have big boobs.

Get the Classic All You bra for $55 (available in band sizes 32–38, cup sizes AA–B, and in three colors) an the Everyday Lace bralette for $38 (available in sizes XXS–XL and in three colors).

22. Umamicart delivers all the Asian goodies your local grocery store doesn't have straight to your door! Currently, they only deliver to certain zip codes, but they're rapidly expanding! So, next time you're craving mom's homemade peking duck you won't have to scour every grocer in the neighborhood just to get all the ingredients.

an open box filled with different Asian groceries

Umamicart is a small online grocery store founded by Andrea, who is self-described as a "first-gen, third-culture kid." She was born and raised in Spain to Chinese parents who immigrated there as adults, then made her own move to NYC ten years ago. She has long-connected with her culture through food (her parents owned a Chinese restaurant) and her goal with Umamicart was to create a place to find traditional and staple Asian ingredients in one place.

Get next-day delivery (free with orders of $49+) to select zip codes in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, and is rapidly expanding. Check here for availability.

23. Chunks sparks loads of hair joy with quirky and colorful clips that'll make you feel like you're in a better, cooler version of the '90s. Their high-quality accessories are thick hair-friendly and proudly made in China, emphasizing that it matters less where a company manufactures but how they do it.


Chunks is an Asian woman-owned small business crafting kooky and cute hair clips that are *true* works of art.

BuzzFeed editor Melanie Aman is a big, big fan:

"I recently spent what some would consider to be a silly amount of money on hair clips but these bring me such joy (something we all need right now) that I can justify it. I have straight Asian hair but it's quite thick and these clips do a great job of holding it back without ripping out strands every time I remove them."

Get a Mini Waves Barrette for $6.75+ (available in three colors and and in a three-pack) and a Jelly Claw for $18.

24. Milk and Honey Clay handcrafts purpose-driven earrings made from (you might've guessed) clay, donating 20% of the profits from each pair sold to anti-human trafficking organizations in the US and around the world.

Milk and Honey Clay

Based out of Beaverton, Oregon, this Filipina-owned small biz is all about purchasing with purpose. Jayna, the founder of Milk and Honey Clay, launched this passion project as a way to raise awareness about the injustice of human trafficking.

Get The Kelia rainbow earrings for $25 (available in two color schemes) and The Kekoa sunshine earrings for $25 (available in nine colors).

25. The Wok Shop is a beloved San Francisco Chinatown staple that has been selling cookware, linens, and utensils for over 40 years. Thankfully, you can snag one of their top-quality woks even if you're not on the West Coat via their online shop!

The Wok Shop

The Wok Shop is an Asian-owned staple in San Francisco's Chinatown, serving the community for over 40 years with their high-quality kitchen supplies and cookware. If you're new to the wonderful world of woks and stir fry, they have tons of great resources on their website to help you get started!

Get the carbon steel wok for $35+ (available in three sizes and in two styles) and the bamboo steamer set for $14.95+ (available in eight sizes).

26. Kach Design Studio does a little bit of everything (and does it exceptionally well), creating everything from pop art prints and feminist stickers to giftable pet portraits and wine labels. Her art is just as creative as her product offerings, which include stick-on window decals that catch the sun for joy-inducing rainbow rays in your home.

Kach Design Studio

Launched in 2020, Kach Design Studio is an Asian-owned small biz run by Katrina, a Maryland-based designer whipping up fun and feminine prints, stickers, and home decor that put a retro-inspired twist on modern motifs.

Get the beer can glass for $14 and the rainbow suncatcher window decal for $15+ (includes shipping).

27. Inside Story is bringing green socks to golf greens everywhere. Each pair of luxury athletic socks is made from coffee and recycled plastic, resulting in an ultra-soft, breathable and sweat-proof sock you'll love to wear whether you're teeing up or winding down.

Inside Story

Inside Story is an Asian-American, woman-owned small biz creating sustainable, luxury athletic socks — specifically with golf in mind. Rigorously tested, their socks are made from earth-friendly recycled plastic and coffee grounds. They're so confident you'll love their socks, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Get a two-pack of lounge thigh socks for $40 (available in two sizes) and the four-pack of variety four-pack of golf socks for $65 (available in two sizes and in four colors).

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