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    56 Elegant Gifts For The Minimalist In Your Life

    Looking for clean-lined designs? You've come to the right place.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    1. The Nordic Baking Book so acclaimed chef Magnus Nilsson can guide them through the art of creating (and enjoying) simply delicious baked goods.

    2. A BAGGU packable tote bag that's super lightweight (dare I say cloud-like?) and perfect for traveling or everyday use.

    3. A sleek humidifier and essential oil diffuser so they can smell their way to hydrated bliss, without messing up their curated decor aesthetic.

    4. A house-shaped tissue box cover that's simple, functional, and looks great – the minimalist trifecta, am I right?

    5. An display-worthy gooseneck electric kettle so they can conveniently get their hot beverage fix.

    A matte black kettle sitting on the electric warming base

    6. An ergonomic bean bag chair that's more supportive and less "I'm sinking into the floor" like some other bean bag chairs they've tried.

    Three lounging bean bag chairs with two models sitting and working on their laptops

    7. A leakproof travel tumbler that keeps hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold, and cool people looking cool...*finger guns*

    8. A slim lay-flat water bottle – it's space-efficient and easy to carry (hello, wrist strap!).

    A square, flat laying water bottle sitting on a table with a laptop and newspaper

    9. A pair of handmade steel bookends that seamlessly blend organic shapes and industrial materials into one artistic piece for their shelf.

    10. A neutral cotton runner handwoven with a geometric design that will tie together any space.

    11. A compact Bluetooth speaker so they can take their tunes on the go.

    12. A signed print made by hand-turning a special inked-up woodblock across the canvas for a one-of-a-kind wall hanging.

    A print of black ink lines rolled along white paper

    13. An actual award-winning trolley cart for serving up cocktails or appetizers in impeccable style.

    A dark green rolling trolley cart with a serving top and bottom shelf filled with bottles and cocktail supplies

    14. A wraparound oven mitt for the minimalist who's asked themselves: why own two oven mitts when I could own one big one?

    15. Apartamento's tribute book to Michael Anastassiades that was made for coffee table displays — the perfect conversation starter for modern design enthusiasts.

    16. A spherical lamp to gift them the look and feel of custom lighting without the need for stressful, professional installation or pesky cords.

    A vertical wall lamp plugged into an outlet with a glowing orb at the top

    17. An oversized knit throw blanket that'll guarantee their future naps and Netflix marathons are certified cozy.

    18. A set of nesting cutting boards because they barely take up any storage space — even in their tiniest of kitchens!

    19. The second volume of Faculty Department that'll inspire them endlessly with its chronicles of the creatives photographer Justin Chung most admires.

    20. A bonsai tree/reflection pool combo to bring them ALL the zen in one convenient planter.

    A small bonsai tree in a split planter with a small reflection pool

    21. An oh-so-thin Peel case for giving their phone that sleek, caseless look and feel without the risk. Their cases are semi-translucent so the phone's original branding peeps through!

    A black and a white Peel phone case on two iPhones

    22. A shoe tower rack that'll organize their tiny entryway and cluttered closet. Or maybe they just need a way to display their best-looking kicks!

    the lower half of a model holding a tiered shoe tower by the top handle

    23. An Aesop hand and body kit that'll bring citrus-infused luxury to their everyday routine.

    A pump bottle of hand soap and a tube or body balm next to the Aesop packaging

    24. A hand-thrown vase with modern windowpane etchings so they can do right by their bouquets.

    A tall, spherical brown vase with white windowpane etching

    25. A pack of toasty merino wool socks to keep their feet warm and their minimalist style intact.

    Five pairs of folded socks

    26. A cold brew filter bottle so they can brew the best icy cold beverages in a bottle that's almost suspiciously good looking.

    27. An accent chair that'll have them showering you with compliments any time they (vi)sit this mid-century modern beauty.

    The armless mustard chair with a metallic base

    28. A modern birdhouse for modern people that's made from reclaimed cedar wood perfect for any eco-conscious nature lover.

    A gray and brown tall, geometric birdhouse

    29. A deluxe French terry hoodie that's rigorously tested for durability so when they wear it everywhere, it's guaranteed to hold up.

    30. A Norden candle inspired by the Icelandic north to light up their own cold winter. It comes in a sleek glass container they can reuse after burning through the earthy scent.

    A Norden branded candle in a dark green glass votive next with a white and black box with a windowpane print

    31. A clear acrylic Squatty Potty so their minimalist "no waste" mentality can extend to the bathroom.

    32. A metallic watering can that's part plant hydration station, part stylish decor.

    A hand waltering a succulent plant with a small, long spout watering can

    33. A leather and canvas weekender for the enviable light packers who wants a bag that'll last.

    34. A pair of casual cotton linen overalls to add to their comfy-cute WFH wardrobe.

    35. A wall-mounted fish tank that'll really upgrade their gallery wall with a real live fish!

    36. A hand-blown glass pitcher for anyone whose dream kitchen aesthetic is "functional MoMA."

    A slim glass pitcher with an amber bottom, clear middle section and white top

    37. A pair of natural wood wall hooks so they can hang their coats, cacti, or whatever else they want adorning their walls.

    38. An elegant tiny dot necklace that'll complement their understated style perfectly.

    A model wearing a V-neck white shirt and a dainty silver dot necklace

    39. An orb table lamp that's a little off-center in the best way — just like them.

    40. A made-to-order ceramic soap dish with a sorta life-changing drainage spout for helping you say goodbye to sudsy, wet countertops!

    A bar of soap sitting in a ceramic dish with a short drainage spout on the bottom outer rim

    41. A pack of striped cloth napkins that'll make any meal feel a little more elevated — even if it's just ramen. Again.

    42. A wooden stool they can convert to a side table, pedestal, or footrest by adjusting the height with the simple screw mechanic.

    43. A deck of monochrome playing cards so they can ace their next game night.

    A set of white playing cards with simple red and white suit markers in the corners

    44. A modern jewelry box for any accessory aficionado who likes to keep their things orderly.

    A tiered jewelry organizer with all the drawers open sitting on a side table

    45. A set of silky brushed microfiber sheets to upgrade their sleep with the peace of mind that their bedding is imbued with magical wrinkle-, stain-, and fade-resistant powers.

    A stack of white sheets with a metallic gray stripe detail

    46. A modern hourglass accent stool they can use inside or outside to tie together their space. Plus, it's got secret interior storage!

    47. An