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    13 Of The Best Places To Buy Live Plants Online

    For quality plants delivered straight to your home... because your houseplant habit wasn't already out of control.

    1. Bloomscape is all about helping you find the perfect plant that will thrive with you. And if you need help, you can always ask their Plant Mom for advice!

    A living room with numerous houseplants on the windowsill, in the corner, on the corner table, and the coffee table

    2. The Sill believes a plant should be on every sill, so they set out be the modern plant destination for the modern plant lover!

    A living room with potted houseplants on a corner table, the coffee table, and hanging from the ceiling

    3. Floom hand picks local artisanal florists to connect you with so that you can conveniently find beautiful arrangements online.

    Various houseplants are potted and staged in planters

    4. Terrain is all about merging your home and garden into one, so they curate an assortment of plants for all seasons and designs.

    Many houseplants are potted and arranged on various tables and the floor in the corner of a room next to a window

    5. UrbanStems carries a rotating selection of trendy arrangements and plants for any occasion — whether that means a swanky snake plant or beautiful bouquet.

    Four houseplants potted and in a row on a tabletop

    6. Etsy has this whole plant section full of a bunch of plant sellers and a bunch of (happy) customer ratings — so you'll be sure to find the plant you're looking for (and then some)!

    A large peace lily in a white pot

    7. The Bouqs Company gets you fresh, quality flowers and plants straight from the farm, so you don't have to wonder how long the plant has been sitting and waiting to ship!

    Potted houseplants sitting on a wooden deck's steps

    8. wants you to greenify your life, so they work to get you fresh plants and some tips to help them thrive!

    Different potted plants, like peace lilies, aloe, string of pearls, and succulents, staged on a desk

    9. Breck's has been in the business for over 200 years (they were founded in 1818!), so you can trust they know their stuff when you order your plant!

    10. Home Depot is a classic — you may have even found yourself wandering their greenhouses at your local store. But, you don't have to go in person because you can order houseplants from them online, too!

    Three houseplants are potted along a shelf below a window

    11. Amazon (you knew it was coming) has a selection of plants because there's basically nothing that they don't have. But seriously, you can find a wide variety of houseplants — from succulents to trees!

    Four plants — an areca palm, a golden pothos, a mother in laws tongue, and a flowering peace lily — in nursery pots on a reviewer's counter

    12. Nature Hills Nursery began as a tree nursery but has ~grown~ (get it, it's a pun) to offer so much more — like great houseplants and plant guides!

    A ZZ plant potted in a woven basket near the foot of a couch

    13. Lula's Garden wants to bring the outdoors in, so they sell succulents that have been hand-planted in Los Angeles to make sure you're getting a quality succulent every time.

    A jewel garden, consisting of three small pre-planted succulents in a box that measures about eight inches long

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