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    13 Of The Best Places To Buy Live Plants Online

    For quality plants delivered straight to your home... because your houseplant habit wasn't already out of control.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Bloomscape is all about helping you find the perfect plant that will thrive with you. And if you need help, you can always ask their Plant Mom for advice!

    A living room with numerous houseplants on the windowsill, in the corner, on the corner table, and the coffee table
    @bloomscape / Via

    The Dirt: For starters, you can take their plant quiz that will match you to the best plant for your space, light levels, and experience with plants. Of course, if you're looking to browse, you can check out their easy indoor plants, outdoor porch and patio plants, pet-safe indoor plants, and tools and accessories.

    To make sure you feel confident, Bloomscape also offers Plant Care 101, some tips, tricks, and guides for plant-parenting, and Plant Mom β€” her real name is Joyce, and she's Bloomscape's official expert β€” who takes any questions you have about plant care or specific plants!

    Shipping: Bloomscape ships everywhere in the US except to Hawaii and Alaska. Most orders send five to seven business days after you place them and take three to five days to get to you. If your order is over $75, shipping is free! Otherwise, there's a flat $7 fee.

    Returns: You can't return plants to Bloomscape, but they have a 30-day guarantee for all plants β€” so if your plant arrives damaged or there's an issue, you can contact them about a replacement. You can also return care products within 30 days.

    Get the bird of paradise for $150, the Kimberly queen fern for $65, the date palm for $150, and the philodendron for $35.

    2. The Sill believes a plant should be on every sill, so they set out be the modern plant destination for the modern plant lover!

    A living room with potted houseplants on a corner table, the coffee table, and hanging from the ceiling
    @thesill / Via

    The Dirt: The Sill has live plants, pots and accessories, subscription boxes, and even faux and preserved plants if yer doubting your green thumb. They also put together low-light plants, plants that are best for beginners, pet friendly plants, and succulents so you can find the best-suited plant for your home!

    Shipping: The Sill ships to the 48 contiguous states (sorry, Hawaii and Alaska). After you order, your plant should ship within five to 10 business days and, once in transit, arrive at your door one to three business days later! Their shipping rates depend on your order and range between $5 and $25 flat fees.

    Returns: If your plant or pot is damaged or dies during shipping, The Sill will replace it a la their policy! And if you're not happy with your purchase, they encourage you to email them.

    Get the bird's nest fern for $38, the green philodendron for $32, and the faux dracaena for $300.

    3. Floom hand picks local artisanal florists to connect you with so that you can conveniently find beautiful arrangements online.

    Various houseplants are potted and staged in planters
    @floomofficial / Via

    The Dirt: You can enter your zip code to search for a wide range of plants and flowers! Of course, Floom also puts together their favorites (like a prayer plant or maidenhair fern) for ya to browse, too.

    Shipping: Regular delivery costs $14.99, and same-day delivery costs (if the florist offers it) $19.99.

    Returns: Floom doesn't accept returns, but if you have any problems, you can contact their customer service team, which will get back to you within 24 hours.

    4. Terrain is all about merging your home and garden into one, so they curate an assortment of plants for all seasons and designs.

    Many houseplants are potted and arranged on various tables and the floor in the corner of a room next to a window
    @shopterrain / Via

    The Dirt: Okay, Terrain carries basically all things nature (even Outdoor Living stuff, like hats or sunscreen, or Planters). But, since we're here about plants, you're probably interested in their Houseplants + Succulents selection, Fresh Bouquets to fill your empty vases, and some Shrubs + Fruiting Trees if you're extra enough.

    Shipping: Terrain offers regular (five to seven business days), express (two to three business days), and overnight deliveries (one to two business days). So their shipping rates depend on delivery method and the price of your order.

    Returns: You can return nonplant items within 60 days of purchase or shipment β€” unless they're final sale. As for live plants, Terrain will replace any plant that's damaged, dead, or doesn't meet your expectations within 48 hours of delivery.

    Get the monstera plant for $48, the aloe plant for $44, the snake plant for $28, the Boston fern for $48, the ZZ plant for $54, the string of bananas plant for $48, and the Swiss cheese plant for $54.

    5. UrbanStems carries a rotating selection of trendy arrangements and plants for any occasion β€” whether that means a swanky snake plant or beautiful bouquet.

    Four houseplants potted and in a row on a tabletop
    @urbanstems / Via

    The Dirt: UrbanStems carries curated flowers and plants. And to help you stay on trend, they offer subscriptions β€” you can choose between three different β€”Β and put together a summer collection!

    Shipping: Shipping depends on location: whether you're looking to deliver to the NYC/DC area or nationwide.

    Returns: If you're not feeling your plant for whatever reason, UrbanStems asks you to reach out to their Happiness Team β€” and to include photos! β€” within three days of delivery for flowers and 10 days for plants. Then, they'll work with you and can replace the item at their discretion.

    Get the snake plant for $80, Madonna orchids for $85, and the pothos for $55.

    6. Etsy has this whole plant section full of a bunch of plant sellers and a bunch of (happy) customer ratings β€” so you'll be sure to find the plant you're looking for (and then some)!

    A large peace lily in a white pot

    The Dirt: It's Etsy. So you can filter and search for plants by special offers, shipment dates, price, and location β€” esp great if you're looking for some local sellers! And, ofc, you can sort by customer reviews, relevancy, and price to compare plants from different sellers. Just check out those pictured succulents by AnniesGardenAndPatio!

    Shipping: Shipping depends on the Etsy seller, so make sure to check that out when you find a plant.

    Returns: Returns, again, vary by seller. You can find return policies in the right side bar on the product page.

    Get the peace lily from PrettyInGreenPlants for $24+ (available with or without the pot).

    7. The Bouqs Company gets you fresh, quality flowers and plants straight from the farm, so you don't have to wonder how long the plant has been sitting and waiting to ship!

    Potted houseplants sitting on a wooden deck's steps
    @thebouqsco / Via

    The Dirt: Like their name suggests, The Bouqs specializes in beautiful bouquets β€” so you can check out their best-selling flowers, summer flowers, and even flowers under $50. But for plants, specifically, you can browse their plant family! They have succulents, air plants, and other houseplants. They also have subscriptions where you can pick a collection and choose how often you receive fresh bouquets!

    Shipping: You can select a window for when you want your flowers to arrive, then track your order once it's picked up by the courier. If you have an account with Bouq, all orders have a flat $12 shipping fee. If you check out as a guest, there's an $18 delivery fee.

    Returns: If you receive broken or damaged flowers, Bouq encourages you to contact them with photos as soon as possible for them to assist you.

    Get the snake plant for $59 and the ZZ plant for $69.

    8. wants you to greenify your life, so they work to get you fresh plants and some tips to help them thrive!

    Different potted plants, like peace lilies, aloe, string of pearls, and succulents, staged on a desk
    @plantsyoulove / Via

    The Dirt: is all about plants, if that wasn't obvious. You can find easy care plants for beginners or those looking for forgiving and low-maintenance plants, air purifying plants that will help minimize toxins in the air, home office plants which are perfectly sized for desktops and smaller spaces, and their sale with plants up to 20% off!

    Shipping: ships to all 48 states in the continental US, and you can select the delivery date of your order. Usually, orders are delivered within two to four business days. Depending on your shipping method and the price of your order, shipping fees vary.

    Returns: If your plant arrives damaged,'s 30-day guarantee makes sure you'll get a replacement.

    Get the peace lilies for $54.99, the hanging string of pearls for $44.99, the aloe vera for $39.99, and the geometric ball air plant for $29.99.

    9. Breck's has been in the business for over 200 years (they were founded in 1818!), so you can trust they know their stuff when you order your plant!

    Gardens Alive! / Jen Nova/Gardens Alive!

    The Dirt: Breck's offers a bunch of bulbs (for spring or summer), perennials (sun or shade), and even garden essentials. They also have houseplants! You can filter out your houseplant (and other) selections by so many factors, like sun exposure, color, height, bloom time, and more, so you make sure you're finding something that will thrive with you.

    Shipping: Depending on the cost of your order, shipping fees vary β€” ranging from $9.95 for orders less than $40 to $18.95 for orders over $100.

    Returns: Breck's Lifetime Guarantee ensures you'll get a replacement or credit for any plant that's not satisfactory β€” no return necessary.

    Get the dieffenbachia compacta on the left for for $22.99+ (originally $34.99; available in different pots) and the stromanthe triostar on the right for $24.99+ (originally $35.99; available in different pots).

    10. Home Depot is a classic β€” you may have even found yourself wandering their greenhouses at your local store. But, you don't have to go in person because you can order houseplants from them online, too!

    Three houseplants are potted along a shelf below a window
    @homedepot / Via

    The Dirt: So we all know Home Depot β€” they have a whole outdoors section. Well, they also have a whole indoor plants section. They group house plants, succulents and cactus plants, bonsai trees, and orchids for you.

    But you can also browse by lighting conditions (bright, medium, or low light), plant sizes (small, medium, and large plants), or features (like cat-safe, dog-safe, or air-purifying indoor plants).

    Shipping: Home Depot has a bunch of shipping methods, so your shipping fee will be determined when you check out β€” and depend on your delivery location and shipping method.

    Returns: Home Depot's return policy for plants says that if live plants (including houseplants, trees, perennials, etc.) ordered online arrive damaged or dead, you just need to call Customer Support within three days of delivery for a free replacement.

    Get the succulent as a part of three-pack succulent assortment for $15.79, the orchids for $24.98, and the Kimberly queen fern for $25.99.

    11. Amazon (you knew it was coming) has a selection of plants because there's basically nothing that they don't have. But seriously, you can find a wide variety of houseplants β€” from succulents to trees!

    Four plants β€” an areca palm, a golden pothos, a mother in laws tongue, and a flowering peace lily β€” in nursery pots on a reviewer's counter

    The Dirt: While you can always just use the search bar, Amazon has a department for lawn and garden that includes plants, seeds, and bulbs. And within that, there are featured categories for items like cacti and succulents, shrubs, trees, and more.

    Shipping: Shipping depends on the seller, but, of course, if the product is included with Prime, then you should get it within two days!

    Return: Similarly, returns depend on the seller or Amazon's Customer Service.

    Get the collection of four air-cleaning plants for $79.

    12. Nature Hills Nursery began as a tree nursery but has ~grown~ (get it, it's a pun) to offer so much more β€” like great houseplants and plant guides!

    A ZZ plant potted in a woven basket near the foot of a couch
    Nature Hills Nursery

    The Dirt: Since Nature Hills is a nursery, they have a bunch of plant departments you can shop. Specifically, you can check out their houseplants section, where they carry over 20 houseplants and offer some advice and their #ProPlantTips on how to care for the different types of houseplants they offer.

    Shipping: Shipping rates vary depending on your order price, and anything that requires an additional surcharge will be noted on the item's page.

    Returns: All sales are final. If you receive a damaged plant, you can contact Customer Service and include images within two week of delivery, so that they can assess the issue. If they do happen to accept a return, there's a 40% restocking fee.

    Get the ZZ plant for $39.95 (originally $72.64).

    13. Lula's Garden wants to bring the outdoors in, so they sell succulents that have been hand-planted in Los Angeles to make sure you're getting a quality succulent every time.

    A jewel garden, consisting of three small pre-planted succulents in a box that measures about eight inches long
    Lula's Garden

    The Dirt: Lula's Garden sells eco-friendly succulent gardens β€” meaning they come in a self-sustaining box that's specifically made to double as a planter. So all you have to do is open your box and watch your succulents thrive! While you can't select each succulent specifically, you can find different-sized and themed succulent gardens in their gift shop, or you can choose a cacti-and-succulent bundle from their plant shop.

    Shipping: Lula's Garden ships nationwide. Your order will typically be processed in one to two business days, then take one to three business days to ship!

    Returns: All sales are final. But, if your Garden is damaged or in poor condition upon arrival, you can send them a picture within two days of receiving it to see if you can get a replacement or store credit.

    Get the jewel garden for $38.

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