17 Wild Hacking Stories That Actually Happened To People

    Protect your fast-food accounts at all costs!

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their wildest stories about getting hacked. Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "Senior year, the email I used for school got hacked and sent porn to any and every teacher I’d emailed throughout my four years of high school. I couldn’t make eye contact with any of them for a week, even after I explained what happened and they were cool with it."

    2. "A few years ago someone hacked my card and used it to buy $1,000 worth of Chick-fil-A."


    3. "About six months after my dad passed away, someone in China hacked his account and started posting weird adverts. It really distressed my mum to see his account posting stuff. We had to get Facebook to memorialize his page because his email account had been closed."


    4. "I was a counselor at a summer camp and I would play music for the campers on Spotify. One day, we were listening to some music when the Barney theme song started blasting from the speakers. I thought that somehow it must have been added to my queue, so I quickly changed the song. But 15 seconds later it started playing again! This went on for a few minutes before I realized I was hacked."

    5. "When I was 11, my family was very involved with this church. One of the leaders had an iPad and left it unattended in the lobby. My brother and I saw it and thought it would be funny to go on his Facebook and change his profile picture to a photo that looked like a butt. Since he was Facebook friends with a lot of the elders of the church, he ended up getting in trouble for it. Not gonna lie, though, that shit was funny."


    6. "Back in 2008, my Myspace got hacked. At the time, my friend group jokingly called ourselves the MRKBM (the first initials of our names). Whoever hacked me was someone who personally knew me and my friends because they deleted all of my pictures and uploaded one that said 'Fuck the MRKBM' as my profile picture. It’s been over 10 years and I still have no idea who it was or how they got into my account!"


    7. "A few years ago someone tried to start a new Facebook account with my personal college email, but #HackingFail, I could access their account from my email. I replaced all of their photos with hot dogs. The wiener mobile, hot men in hot dog costumes, stylistic hot dog Insta photos, everything."

    8. "My phone was just hacked, and they had the nerve to use my Buffalo Wild Wings points I’ve accumulated! I was saving those for bottles of Mango Habanero and Blazing sauces!"


    9. "One day I logged onto Netflix, and all my profiles had been changed and new ones had been added to say things like 'Mama,' 'Michael,' etc. It turns out a family in another country had been using my Netflix account for months but only just changed the profile names."


    10. "One day Alexa started playing 'Old Town Road,' and I sure as hell didn't ask her to play it. I stopped the song and it started again. And again. And again. That's the day I learned that you can control Alexa remotely and my husband and his coworkers were having a jolly ol' laugh at my expense."

    11. "Some apparently struggling artist hacked into my Spotify account and added, like, five of their songs to each of my playlists. The songs didn’t fit at all! It was so annoying."


    12. "My phone was hacked after a night out. I woke up the next morning and was connected to a different Wi-Fi and an unknown Bluetooth device. When I locked my phone, they couldn’t access anything, but once I turned my phone on, they tried to find my location and called a number that was in Russia. They also changed my Instagram password and started posting weird propaganda for some Russian political movement. Hell, I threw that phone away and have felt haunted ever since."

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    13. "When I used to have Facebook, I had a lot of people added, but I didn’t even know some of them. One morning I awoke to many conversations between my profile and other people's. The person who had hacked my account was having the time of their life chatting away with random guys about wanting to touch their butts."

    14. "My friend had her Snapchat hacked a few years ago. The hacker went to her camera roll and posted a nude photo to her snap story in the middle of the night. About 20 people, including coworkers and family members, saw the pic before my friend woke up (to several concerned calls/texts) and deleted it. People are disgusting."


    15. "My ex hacked my freaking GROUPON account (of all things) after we broke up, and he tried to use the rewards that I had saved from a previous purchase in order to buy his new girlfriend a pink laptop cover. That order was quickly canceled and the account was deleted just for good measure."


    16. "Someone turned my Twitter account into a porn site. Yup, I never attempted to use Twitter again."


    17. "In this story, I WAS the hacker. I overheard my sister say her Club Penguin password because she said it out loud as she typed it while signing in. Once, when she was staying with our dad, I logged into her account and spent all her coins on this pair of shoes and broke her up with her 'Club Penguin Boyfriend.' Nowadays it's funny and we joke about it, but back then she was pretty traumatized."

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length, grammar, and/or clarity.