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    21 Real Classes That People Actually Took In College

    "How To Deal With Difficult People" should be a required course at every college.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the weirdest classes they took in college. Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "'Magical Mushrooms and Mystical Molds.' A class all about, you guessed it, hallucinogens and fermentation."



    This class is offered at Cornell University.

    2. "My university offered a class on Beyoncé’s Lemonade."

    Parkwood Entertainment


    This class has been offered at University of Texas in Austin.

    3. "I took one neuroscience class on zombies and how they scientifically function. We studied their behavior and the way it allowed us to fully map their brain in comparison to a human’s."



    Here's a lesson plan for what looks like this exact class.

    4. "I literally took wine/beer tasting as an elective. Basically we all just got drunk on different kinds of wine every week and pretended to be sommeliers?"



    Here's a list of seven colleges where you can take a wine tasting class.

    5. "I once took a class all about death. What to expect, how to prepare, thoughts and feelings about death, how to deal with a dying loved one, etc. We even had to write our own obituary, wills, and last wishes."



    This class has been offered at Kean University.

    6. "I took a class called 'Objects in Everyday Life.' We learned about the cultural and social impacts of soap and other random objects."



    This class has been offered at Northland College.

    7. "I took a class called 'Muppet Magic.' We learned about the history of puppetry and basically everything Jim Henson. We watched a lot of Henson movies and clips, and our final was to make a muppet."

    Jim Henson Company


    This course has been offered at University of California, Santa Cruz.

    8. "Beekeeping. No, I did not get stung and yes, we got honey."



    Here's a list of schools that offer beekeeping classes.

    9. "I took a class on garbage. We learned the history of garbage and took a tour of the composting facility at the dump."



    This course has been offered at Western Kentucky University.

    10. "I took a class called 'Deviant Behavior.' On the first day of class, the professor randomly left the room. About five minutes later, the TA stood up and said that the professor was hiding somewhere on campus and we had to go and find him."



    This course has been offered at Texas A&M University.

    11. "I took a pornography class in law school. It was based on the 14th amendment and the equal protection clause and very enlightening."



    12. "I took a class at my community college once called 'How To Deal With Difficult People.' Got to write papers calling out all the awful behavior I had to put up with in my life."

    New Line Cinema


    This course has been offered as an extension course at UCLA.

    13. "My friend took a tractor driving class her last quarter before she graduated."

    Channel 9


    This course has been offered at Vermont Tech University.

    14. "I took a class about the science of laughter my freshman year! It was probably the most thought-provoking class I've ever had."

    DreamWorks Pictures

    15. "Freshman year I took a ghost hunting class! We stayed overnight twice in a haunted house and did all the stereotypical ghost investigation techniques."



    Here's a list of community colleges that offer ghost hunting courses.

    16. "'The History of Body Modification.' I did a PowerPoint on prison tattoos and got extra credit for filming myself getting a piercing."


    17. "Puppy walking. It's a class where you take puppies that are being trained for bomb sniffing around campus. That’s it. Just walking puppies. It’s awesome."

    18. "Lactation biology! It was about how different species go through pregnancy and lactation. It ended up being one of my favorite classes."

    The CW


    This course has been offered at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

    19. "I took a power walking class my sophomore year of college. We pretty much just went on power walks around campus."


    20. "I took a dreams interpretation class where we sat in a circle and discussed what our dreams meant. We also had to keep a dream journal that we were to write in as soon as we woke up from dreaming."


    21. "I took a class about Instagram and Twitter as a new way of biography."


    Some submissions have been edited for grammar and clarity.

    Did you also take some out-of-the-box college classes? Let us know in the comments!

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