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    18 Tweets That Might Be A Hard Pill To Swallow For Men


    I always wondered if I was the only one who noticed the surplus of men at gyms who grunt, take up too much space, smell bad, and sweat buckets.

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    After a quick Twitter search, I realized I was not alone in this observation. I made a post of my findings that resonated with many. So here are 18 more tweets about men being awful at the gym:


    Dude at the gym just told me to smile cause it looks like I don't wanna be here like bitch TF I don't wanna be here I wanna be eight slices deep into a supreme pizza get out my face 😤😤


    At the gym, these guys were grunting doing weights, a man on the treadmill was hacking his guts out. A woman doing lunges turned to me and said “sorry for breathing so loud”. And that’s everything you need to know about how men and women take up space.



    This dude at the gym rn has his shoes off to do cardio(?) and it smells like AND I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH a rotting animal carcass that has been marinating in vinegar for months. would it be rude for me to tell him to get his shit together or else my organs will literally fail


    POV: me practicing responding to men at the gym asking if I am using something I clearly am not using


    Me: My mom: My friend: The cashier at Trader Joe’s: A microbiology professor: Obama: My lizard: Your 6th grade crush: Jesus Christ: Old sweaty man at the gym doing half rep bicep curls with 5lb dumbbells: [AGGRESSIVE EYE CONTACT]


    this old dude at the gym wanna tell me hip thrusts don’t do nothin for my ass so I shouldn’t be doin em. lmao I’m sorry sir this ass is ALL HIP THRUSTS. FOH


    creepiest interaction of the week goes to Random Dude at the Gym—with whom i have never spoken—who tapped me on the shoulder and smiled and told me he knew exactly where i lived, and then recited aloud my home address


    a guy at my gym is doing squats in blue jeans and I've never been so certain someone was a serial killer


    Men love marking their territory at the gym. Protein shake on one machine. Sweaty towel draped over another. “This public space is my man cave!!!”


    dude at the gym told me to not do so much cardio so I don't lose my curves (what curves?), he has no idea how much froyo I ate last night


    PROTIP: If you squeal excitedly as if you've seen a kitten and exclaim "He do a BIG shout!" at the guys at the gym who howl like they're in labor while lifting, it turns out they do not, in fact, want that kind of attention


    today 2 grown men at the gym were saying how they refuse to train legs on the same day as me because it’s embarrassing that I squat more than them and I can’t believe that my literal bum is out here dismantling the patriarchy


    I wonder if the men at the gym actually think they're being discreet when they sit behind you as you squat/deadlift lol


    if another straight man at the gym SCREAMS while lifting weights to assert his presence, i swear to god.... everything you can do i can do in acrylic nails, brad


    Why do men at the gym act like they get paid for pickup games. You couldn't make your high school jv team, knock it off


    No shade to all the guys at my gym, but I’d pay twice as much for y’alls asses not to be there.


    It’s only me and one other dude in this gym rn and I still managed to get cropdusted with my mouth open

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