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18 Absolutely Savage Tweets About Men At The Gym

Can a girl do her reps in peace?!


nelly: its gettin hot in here everyone: not really nelly: so take off all your clothes everyone: please dont old dudes at the gym: now wait a minute let’s hear him out


I once heard a dude at my gym describe the hip adductor and abductor machines as ‘good girl/bad girl exercises’ and I have quietly hexed them every time I’ve seen them since.


Me: Are you using that machine Dude at the gym: Yeah. I got one more set Me for the next 10 minutes:


There's a dude at my gym who keeps saying "swag" during every rep. Somebody please send help.


A guy at the gym told me to stop working my arms because muscular arms aren’t attractive on women so I just looked at his calves and told him he needs to work on those


Nobody: Not a fucking soul: Gross men at the gym mansplaining proper form to women as a way to shoot their shot:


The worst kind of people are the men at the gym who hog all the free weights so you can’t use them and then grunt excessively the whole time


Women at the gym: normal, try not to take up too much space, wipe the machines off when they’re done Men at the gym: hog up all the machines at one time, walk around without shoes, wear jorts, drink a couple of bud heavys between sets, never clean their bench off


I get a good laugh from seeing men at the gym lifting weights way heavier than they really should with bad form just to be all ~macho~ Yes all the ladies are very impressed with your upcoming back problems and poor posture


Dudes will turkey baster their nipples so they pertrude out of their under armor dry fit T-shirt that’s 3 sizes too small to intimidate the other men at the gym


Just got hit on by this military dude at my gym who’s in town for a few days... shoulda seen his face when I asked him where his ring was & he said what ring? 😂😂 um excuse me, your ring finger has a tan line, tell your wife I said hi.


Dude at my gym just finished working out and legit started eating a spaghetti dinner on the row machine.


a guy at the gym just deadlifted a personal record and said to his friend he could beat the fuck out of someone right now


this man at my gym that i have never seen before got angry with me for not giving him a high-five after he said “good lift”. bro do i look like i want to touch you?


There’s a guy at my gym who keeps barking like a dog every time he squats. I jumped out of pure fear the first time it happened. 😳


Guy at the gym just made me stop my workout and take off my headphones so he could tell me I look great, and then when I said “Oh. I know, *he* was annoyed.


I legitimately just witnessed a MASSIVE guy at the gym checking himself out in the mirror for a few minutes, he then proceeded to blow a kiss to himself and under his breath say to himself “fuck yeah”. Don’t know if I hate this guy, or if I just want his confidence


Lmao this guy at the gym asked if I needed a spot for 275..I know he was tryna be nice but bro don’t ever disrespect me like that again