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    People Are Sharing The Stupidest Thing An American Has Ever Said To Them, And Oh Boy

    "He was convinced that America had 40 states."

    It's no secret that Americans say some questionable things sometimes.


    Perhaps I should defend my people, but there's a trend going around TikTok that's making that a VERY difficult task. Australian TikTok user @voidable_ asked people to share the dumbest thing an American has ever said to them. His experience was with an American who insisted there were 40 states in the US:

    Here are some of the most 🤦‍♂️ responses:

    1. Someone asked this person how they were able to post stuff on social media while in Brazil, because they didn't think there would be internet there:

    2. And someone asked this person whether they had internet in Australia...while they were on video chat with them:


    #stitch with @voidable_ this one really was a double punch

    ♬ original sound - Gassy Jack

    3. Someone tried to tell this guy — who is Mexican — that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day (it's not) and that Mexico is in South America:

    4. Someone in San Diego asked this guy if he drove there from Australia:


    #stitch with @voidable_ the time the bloke at the servo asked if I drove from Australia #america #usausausa #drongo

    ♬ original sound - Glen Stefani

    5. Someone asked this man if the two scars on his chest were from a double heart transplant:

    #stitch with @voidable_ listen I am not the best at reading tone but it seemed like a genuine question

    ♬ original sound - George Ivy

    6. Someone told this guy that Africa is a country:

    7. Someone asked this Bulgarian woman if people in her country still live in caves:


    #stitch with @voidable_ I just... I can’t with Americans

    ♬ original sound - Vladinella

    8. Someone told this Canadian woman that her English was great:

    9. Someone asked this Australian person, "What month is it for you guys in Australia?":

    10. Someone told this person that Americans don't have an accent:

    11. Someone told this woman they thought Paris was in Italy.


    #stitch with @voidable_ being Italian in the US is pretty hard lol #italian #college #american #USA #dumb

    ♬ original sound - sturry 💗

    12. And someone told this person that Paris is the capital of Europe:

    13. Someone asked this person if they have iPhones in Mexico.

    14. And someone asked this person if England has batteries or electricity.

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