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14 Stupid People Who Immediately Lost Their Jobs, And No, You Shouldn't Feel Bad For Them

The workforce is a better place without these people.

1. This person who should have done some more research on their higher-ups:

2. This person who creeped on an innocent customer, then tried to put the blame on them when they got fired:

3. This person who seemed to forget just how public of a platform Twitter is:

4. This person who maybe should have thought about their three kids before they refused to wear a mask or get vaccinated:

5. This poll worker who showed up to their job site in extremely biased attire:

6. This teacher who tried to get her own students deported:

7. This secretary for a doctor's office who refused to schedule a child for a vaccine:

8. This person who shamed teenagers for wearing bikinis to the beach:

9. This racist DJ who doesn't think COVID is real:

10. This person who had the gall to compare checking vax cards to the Holocaust:

11. This person who laughed at a child's misfortune:

12. These people who got the embarrassing cake they deserved:

13. This person who really thinks whoever reported them for their racist behaviors won't be able to "live with themself":

14. And finally, Gina Carano:

H/T: r/byebyejob