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17 Tweets That Might Not Sit Well With Gen Z

It's the Willy Wonka fetish for me.

Hey, do you know what time it is?

It's time for another round of "things Gen Z'ers do that millennials don't understand!"

Let's get right to it.

1. What's with the pointing pose?

So like... Why do Gen Z’s do this pose???

2. What's with the gum chewing/👁 👄 👁?

Got tiktok for the cat/dog videos but I come away with two questions. 1) why does gen Z chew gum so rudely 2) what does 👁 👄 👁 even mean and why does gen Z use it as a response to literally everything

3. What's with the food and beverage wasting?

why do gen z kids waste everything?

4. What's with the unofficial age limits?

why do gen z kids put an age limit on literally everything? lol i just saw a post saying you can’t use snapchat if you’re older than 23 lol

5. What's with the vape obsession?

Why does Gen Z think their vape is a personality trait?

6. What's with the publicizing of intimate issues?

Why do Gen Z couples make their issues public than complain when you comment on them

7. What's with the AirPods in the car?

Why do gen z's put air pods in their ears while driving.... dont they know there's bluetooth in their parents new car? Sometimes even APPLE CAR PLAY.... I know, it's a strange concept.

8. What's with the fetishization of Willy Wonka?

why is gen z all attracted to willy wonka...

9. What's with the minimal Instagram presence?

Why do gen z kids always have a max of 3 photos on Instagram

10. What's with the iced coffee obsession?

why do gen z kids think drinking iced coffee is edgy?

11. What's with the clown nose?

Okay, but why do Gen Z tik tokers put blush on their nose? Why do you want to look sunburned?

12. What's with the baby hate?

Why is gen z obsessed with yeeting babies like why does this generation not like babies 🥺

13. What's with the houseplant lust?

Why is gen z so horny for houseplants?? Like you don't see boomers drooling over succulents? What's going on?

14. What's with the inconsistent confidence?

tell me why gen z struggles to talk to a waiter but has no problem finessing security at a stadium concert and sneaking to floor

15. What's with the Harvard attire?

Can someone tell me why gen z loves Harvard stuff so much? I have an old one I’ve worn forever that belonged to my aunt it’s so soft but no I guess it’s cool?

16. What's with the crying videos?

what’s with gen z and recording themselves while crying

17. And what's with the teeth earrings?

What’s with Gen Z’s interest in wearing other people’s body parts? Julia wants to use my hair for shoelaces, Sophia wants my wisdom teeth as earrings———— I’m a hot commodity