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16 Kinda Brutal Tweets About Gen Z'ers That Are Well Deserved After The Things They've Said About Millennials

This is war.

Last week, Gen Z'ers had a field day with making fun of millennial idiosyncrasies.

This week, it's the millennials' turn to put Gen Z'ers in the hot seat.

Who decided this? Me, I guess. Here are 16 burning questions that millennials would like Gen Z'ers to answer:

1. Why does Gen Z love sticking their tongue out for photos?

Why does Gen Z stick their tongue out in nearly every photo they take?

2. Why does Gen Z try to change millennial dances and make them more complicated?

He literally says walk it out, why are gen zโ€™s complicating millennial dances?!

3. Why is Gen Z nostalgic for decades they don't remember/didn't even exist during?

Why does Gen Z adore brands like Fila, Tommy Hilfiger? Why do they watch Friends and The Office? Anemoia: nostalgia, or longing, for a past you yourself have never lived. Gen Z feels this more deeply than any prior generation.

4. Why does Gen Z love "All Star" by Smash Mouth?

@KyleWLeonard Why does gen z like this song??? It was annoying in the 90s. My 14 year old is obsessed with it and giggles when I ask why. Thanks, Elderly Millennial

5. Why is Gen Z rude to service workers?

listen iโ€™m not trying to start st, but why does gen z come into my starbucks with the worst attitude. iโ€™ll be like: :) hi what can i get for you today :) + yโ€™all literally tell me to go f*ck myself. also, teenagers in 2019. if you come in and order the expensive frap, tip.

6. Why does Gen Z despise eyebrows?

7. Why does Gen Z love loud phone notifications?

Why does Gen Z have to have the most obnoxious notification settings on their phones lmao Strobe light, vibrate, alarm ringtone on loud all just for a snap chat notification ๐Ÿ’€ bruhh

8. Why does Gen Z act up for clout?

Why does Gen Z think being disrespectful and rude is cute? You kids talk and act like Lil Tay for a drop of clout and itโ€™s pathetic lol

9. Why does Gen Z love to be overly flirty on TikTok?

Why are Gen z boys licking their lips and winking on TikTok ??

10. Why doesn't Gen Z know how to torrent?

How can zoomers not know how to torrent Its as simple as downloading a program and clicking links afterwards. Why do zoomers find this so hard

11. Why does Gen Z act like they're sorry for giving you a compliment?

Why do Gen Z'ers appologize for giving you compliments? "Forgive me, but I love your dress." Forgive you for what? "No offence, but I think you're awesome." How would that be offensive?

12. Why does Gen Z love sexy cartoon animals?

13. Why does Gen Z love dressing like they're on Stranger Things?

Why do zoomers dress like Stranger Things extras?

14. Why is Gen Z obsessed with making up slang words that make no sense to every other generation?

what the fuck is a simp and why do zoomers invent so many lame words

15. Why does Gen Z Snapchat instead of text?

Why does gen z send me messages through Snapchat instead of just texting me

16. And why does Gen Z put everything in lowercase?

wHy does gen z feel the need to put everything in lowercase letters? is it just a part of our identities now? for the aesthetic? is grammar dead? the people want to know.