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    16 Bizarre Things That Happen During Sex That We Should Probably Normalize

    The cursed ~wet spot~.

    Last week we published a list of really uncomfortable — but barely discussed — things that happen during sex. Since some of y'all are masochists, here's another painfully awkward list compiled from the comments on the previous article:

    1. "When you feel like throwing up when you are giving a blowjob because the penis is too deep."

    2. "The semen that drips out of your vag for the 24 hours following sex without a condom. When my husband and I were trying for kids, I’d have to wear a pad the next day 😫."


    3. "When you get older and your knees start hurting while doing the deed."


    4. "When the mattress starts sliding off the bed, so you have to stop and reposition it."


    5. "When you get a cramp in your leg. That has happened a few times in my life. It completely kills the mood when you're walking around the room trying to get the cramp out."

    6. "What about sex rashes? I get a rash when I have sex sometimes."


    7. "Not sure if anyone else has done this, but whenever my S.O. and I have sex and it's dark, we end up squirting out waaaay too much lube on our hands. Then we have to try to get a towel before it drips all over the floor 😆."


    8. "When you're doing intense doggy-style and the guy’s balls start slapping/whiplashing your vag."


    9. "When the lube runs out and you gotta stop and put on more and be like, 'I’m turned on, I swear.'"

    10. "Not using clean hands can cause so much pain and discomfort."


    11. "I hate the ~wet spot~! It completely ruins the sheets!"


    12. "I’m all for kissing and I’m all for sex. But both at the same time don’t make sense. Either I’m on top and breathing so hard I need my mouth free, or I’m on bottom and he’s thrusting in a position that makes me do a constant crunch to meet his mouth. Or the incredibly awkward half-lip kiss when you attempt to turn around during doggy-style."


    13. "The ole, 'Gotta pee so I don't have a horrible UTI, but just stay there and hold on to that romantic moment.'"

    14. "The pets watching or jumping on the bed is so awful. 😅😖"


    15. "When he finishes early while wearing a condom, but for some reason tries to continue on — despite being totally soft."


    16. And finally, "Sometimes when I’m giving women oral, I’ll literally salivate so much that when I come back up to kiss them, it’s like they're kissing a slimy water fountain. Sorry, ladies."

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for grammar and/or clarity.