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People Are Sharing The Terrible Parts Of Sex We Don't Usually Talk About And I'm Screaming

Why do we even do it?!

Sex is fun...until it's not. Reddit user u/KingBeezoR recently highlighted the downsides of doing the hanky panky by posing the question: "What are the 'not so fun' parts of sex that no one talks about?" Here are some of the top-rated responses:

1. "A bed that makes more noise than the person you’re having sex with with."

2. "When the dong slips out."


3. "Having to stop abruptly because your boyfriend accidentally slapped his nuts when he tried to slap your ass."


4. "When you’re always the person to initiate sex. It gets pretty exhausting sometimes."


5. "If you're like me, you sweat fairly easily, so being on top means I'm dripping from my face and usually it's landing in or around my girlfriend's eyes and mouth. We've often talked about a sweatband, but I'm not sure if it would increase passion or cause laughter."

6. "When everything isn't wet yet and they try to jam their penis into your vagina and the labia goes along for a very dry, painful ride."


7. "Taking a little too long to finish and then feeling embarrassed...and the more you think about it the harder it is."


8. "The AutoZone smell after doing it with a condom on."


9. "Getting fingered by someone who did not cut their fingernails."

10. "Having to push pets away that won't get off the bed and just sit there staring at you."


11. "The fart noises that your bodies make when you're doing it."


12. "When she bounces a little too hard on top and you slip out and get crushed."


13. "Hitting the cervix is a special kind of hell. A stabbing feeling that’s deeply unsexy."

14. "Trying to gracefully avoid touching other bodily areas with the butt finger."


15. "The waddle to the bathroom afterward with one hand cupped over your vag."


16. "The uncomfortable positions where you have to be like, 'Okay stop I gotta move, this hurts.'"


17. And finally, "When he gets up to get you a towel, and you hear his car start and he pulls out of the driveway."

Some submissions have been edited for grammar and/or clarity.