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    17 Movies That Everyone Thought Were Gonna Be Good, But They Were Really, Really Bad

    "Remembering this movie's existence makes me viscerally angry."

    There's nothing like an exciting trailer to get people pumped for an upcoming movie release. But sometimes — actually, let's get real, a lot of the time — the viewers are wildly disappointed when they get around to actually seeing it.


    Reddit user u/chickenthathasgas recently highlighted some films that were the worst offenders of this when they asked people to share the movies that were "so hyped up but ended up being terrible." Here are some of the top-rated responses:

    1. "The Dark Tower. I was really hopeful, but when it came out I couldn’t even finish it. Horrible adaptation of an amazing story."


    2. "Artemis Fowl. Remembering this movie's existence makes me viscerally angry. Look how they massacred my boy."


    3. "Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Really awful adaptation of a great book."

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    4. "Independence Day: Resurgence. Loved the first one when it came out. Loved the trailer for the second one. But the movie was probably made for a demographic way younger than me.

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    5. "Mortal Engines was the final nail in the coffin that killed any interest in me for adaptations."


    6. "The newest iteration of Fantastic Four. It wasn't insanely hyped, but even with the bar set low, they still managed to release a massive disappointment."

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    7. "Wonder Woman 1984. It had all the ingredients of being written by Hollywood executives and focus groups."

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    8. "Eragon. This was the first bad movie I saw as a kid. I remember thinking, They did not read the same book as me.

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    9. "The Suicide Squad. I remember seeing the trailer and being hyped and I'm not even a DC/Marvel fangirl. It just looked like it was going to be a Dark Knight–level movie in terms of action and cinematography. Annnnnnnnd it was not."

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    10. "Battlefield Earth. It was heavily marketed at the time, and looked really cool, but it is one of the worst pieces of garbage ever made."

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    11. "I had lots of hope for The Mummy (2017). I loved the Brendan Fraser ones. Tom Cruise was horrible and the CGI was worse than the originals."


    12. "The Last Airbender. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, but the TV show was incredible."


    13. "Mulan is the most recent I can think of. It did not sit well with international audiences either."


    14. "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. The lead actor felt like he was trying to impersonate Keanu Reeves the entire time."



    15. "Assassin's Creed. Everyone who loves the game was so hyped, but it turned out to be shit."

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    16. "Tomorrowland. It had such a great teaser, but fell short with how hard they pandered to younger audiences. Felt like any other generic Disney live-action movie."

    17. And finally, "I'm just hoping it's not going to be Dune."

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    What was an overhyped movie that you were disappointed by? Tell us in the comments for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video.

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