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    18 More Offensive Texts Men Have Actually Pressed "Send" On

    Romance died a long time ago.

    We recently wrote about a trend where women on TikTok were sharing audacious messages they'd received from men.

    A guy saying "lemme pound you w a mask on though" when a girl says she has covid
    TikTok / alex.karinax / Via

    Unfortunately, men have not changed since this post went up a few weeks ago, so there's A LOT more where that came from:

    1. The guy who sent the wrong text.

    A guy accidentally texting a girl saying "this bitch is seriously trying to hangout with me before 2am"
    TIkTok / slightlydrvnk / Via

    2. The guy who forgot.

    A guy saying "Hey, can't talk. With my girl," and his girlfriend responding, "Did you forget we were dating?"
    TikTok / charlizcohen / Via

    3. The guy who changed his mind.

    A guy saying "you'd be so bad with blonde hair" on a brunette photo of a girl, then commenting "Lmao nvm" on a blonde photo of her
    TikTok / aislinntpwk / Via

    4. The guy who wanted it "prostitute style."

    A guy texting "We could just have sex prostitute style no kissing"
    TikTok / heathermartin13 / Via

    5. The guy who thought he deserved "the thickness."

    A guy saying another guy doesn't deserve this girl's "thickness"
    TikTok / g_sherbo / Via

    6. The guy who tried to shift the blame.

    Guy saying "My girlfriend found a pink hair in the backseat of my car. Thanks a lot my little pony looking ass"
    TikTok / vapegodkate / Via

    7. The guy who went from 0 to 60.

    Guy calling a girl cute, her saying that's sweet than you :), and him calling her an ungrateful bitch
    TikTok / chloefallsdown / Via

    8. The guy who thought he was smooth.

    A guy saying "well because I can't call you beautiful because beauty is on the inside and I haven't been inside you yet
    TikTok / brileyburnham_2 / Via

    9. The guy who really thought this was gonna work.

    A guy asking a girl to come to his pool party because she's hot and he wants to make his girlfriend jealous
    TikTok / miranda.bautista / Via

    10. The guy who provided an unnecessary visual.

    A guy saying "I'm tryna leave you like this" and showing a picture of a tight star, then a gaping hole - to represent a butthole being expanded
    TikTok / chrsti2n / Via

    11. The guy who asked for identification.

    A guy asking a girl if she has a commercial drivers license for her "absolute dump truck of an ass"
    TikTok / karahagler / Via

    12. The guy who knew exactly what he was doing.

    A guy saying "okay I ruined your life, but did you not have fun? exactly, relax"
    TikTok / auberginebehnke / Via

    13. The guy who blamed it on the alcohol.

    A guy saying "your face looks good at oral sex. that was disrespectful. going to unmatch. drunk. my b. good luck"
    TikTok / ennnablakee / Via

    14. The guy who read way too far into it.

    A girl wishing a guy good luck on his exams and him saying "what r u my girlfriend? I'll handle it myself thanks"
    TikTok / elsa.pdf / Via

    15. The guy who didn't like the D word.

    A girl saying she's excited for their date, and a guy replying "thought we were just gonna go for a ride, maybe I'd get some head. I'm going out with the boys at 8:30"
    TikTok / bridgetjonesz / Via

    16. The guy who said too much.

    A guy telling a girl that there's another girl in his bed but he still can't stop thinking about her
    TikTok / kmele12 / Via

    17. The guy who had a way with words.

    A guy texting "Saw you outside McDonald's. Made me miss that ass of yours. Wait a few days and I'll eat it, don't wanna eat those nuggets too"
    TikTok / ronaldmcgay / Via

    18. And the guy who took the "harsh but honest" route.

    A guy texting a girl saying, "Does it not bug you that you're noticeably more excited to see me than I am you?"
    TikTok / huntemmons / Via

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