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Gen Z'ers Are Dragging Millennials On TikTok And They're Truly Taking No Prisoners

Please, no more!!! We beg of you!!

Have you ever proudly referred to yourself as a Hufflepuff? Exclaimed "look at that doggo!" while pointing at a puppy on the street? Used the phrase "adulting" to describe a grownup task, such as paying a bill?

Well, according to Gen Z'ers, these are just a few of many characteristics that define the millennial generation...And they happen to find these traits extremely lame. Oh god, is it lame to say lame now?!

Gen Z'ers have been expressing their embarrassment over millennial behavior through public roasting — the majority of which has occurred on TikTok. Sammy Tully, a 19-year-old from Los Angeles, was one of the first people to make a video on the subject this week (which now has more than 300,000 views):


Stop bullying millennials! They’re pretty cool

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"I think it's funny to see the conversation and critiques of each generation come full circle," Sammy told BuzzFeed. "'OK Boomer' had a moment. Millennials are known for loving BuzzFeed quizzes and wine after work. Gen Z is obsessed with TikTok and boba. My videos are highlighting these differences, and I'm glad that people are loving them. It's all in good fun, and some quarantine boredom!"

Me trying to take a joke on behalf of all millennials:

He's not the only one poking fun at our (ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED) generation. This Gen Z'er dragged the "millennial art school type":


finally able to jump on the #millennial hate trend 😍 so happy to be here #fyp @wholesam

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And this Gen Z'er made every millennial Harry Potter fanatic go into hiding (if they hadn't already, following the recent J.K. Rowling drama).

But the comments section is where the real claws come out.

Me reading the comments while enjoying my afternoon coffee: