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Gen Z'ers Are Dragging Millennials On TikTok And They're Truly Taking No Prisoners

Please, no more!!! We beg of you!!

Have you ever proudly referred to yourself as a Hufflepuff? Exclaimed "look at that doggo!" while pointing at a puppy on the street? Used the phrase "adulting" to describe a grownup task, such as paying a bill?

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Well, according to Gen Z'ers, these are just a few of many characteristics that define the millennial generation...And they happen to find these traits extremely lame. Oh god, is it lame to say lame now?!


For the record, I am a millennial who does not say "doggo" OR "adulting" and actually finds it quite annoying. WE EXIST.

Gen Z'ers have been expressing their embarrassment over millennial behavior through public roasting — the majority of which has occurred on TikTok. Sammy Tully, a 19-year-old from Los Angeles, was one of the first people to make a video on the subject this week (which now has more than 300,000 views):


Stop bullying millennials! They’re pretty cool

♬ original sound - undergroundish

"I think it's funny to see the conversation and critiques of each generation come full circle," Sammy told BuzzFeed. "'OK Boomer' had a moment. Millennials are known for loving BuzzFeed quizzes and wine after work. Gen Z is obsessed with TikTok and boba. My videos are highlighting these differences, and I'm glad that people are loving them. It's all in good fun, and some quarantine boredom!"

@wholesam / TikTok

Me trying to take a joke on behalf of all millennials:

He's not the only one poking fun at our (ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED) generation. This Gen Z'er dragged the "millennial art school type":


finally able to jump on the #millennial hate trend 😍 so happy to be here #fyp @wholesam

♬ Miley acting up - illumitatiana

And this Gen Z'er made every millennial Harry Potter fanatic go into hiding (if they hadn't already, following the recent J.K. Rowling drama).


inspired by @wholesam

♬ original sound - mayalepa

But the comments section is where the real claws come out.

@mayalepa / TikTok

Me reading the comments while enjoying my afternoon coffee:

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