These Famous Couple Doppelgängers Are Finding Each Other On TikTok And It's Absolutely Wild

    And they say romance is dead.

    TikTok has been the perfect platform for celebrity doppelgängers to come out of the woodwork and get a taste of the spotlight. For example, you may be familiar with @paigeniemann, who looks like a carbon copy of Ariana Grande:

    But you know what's even more fun than one doppelgänger in a TikTok? That's right, TWO doppelgängers in a TikTok!

    There's a new trend where people who look just like a famous TV/movie character or celebrity seek out their romantic counterpart...and they're actually finding "the one!" Like Linguini and Colette from Ratatouille (aka @max.imovic and @agos.culotta).

    Linguini and Colette lookalikes duetting each other

    Johnny and Mavis from Hotel Transylvania 2 were also reunited!

    Johnny and Mavis lookalikes duetting each other.


    #duet with GUYS I THINK I ZINGED

    ♬ sofia by clario - alyssa 😁

    But it doesn't stop at animation — Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World have surfaced.

    Cory and Topanga lookalikes duetting each other.


    #duet with @trinnittyy__ the amount of times i was tagged.

    ♬ sofia by clario - alyssa 😁

    And brace yourself for the drama, because Nate and Maddy from Euphoria have made an appearance too.

    Nate and Maddy lookalikes duetting each other.


    #duet with @rulahahah i was tagged 20 times to do this#fyp#foryoupage#viral

    ♬ sofia by clario - alyssa 😁

    Doppelgänger Gigi and doppelgänger Zayn didn't want to be left out of the fun either.

    Gigi and Zayn lookalikes duetting each other.


    #duet with @smurfgopoppop you guys asked for it 💓

    ♬ sofia by clario - alyssa 😁

    And there are still some look-alikes out there that haven't found their match! Like Maeve from Sex Education, who's on the hunt for her Otis.

    Maeve lookalike


    @sofiacarcamo99 me dio la idea <3<>> ♬ sofia by clario - alyssa 😁

    I hope all of these doppelgängers find their other half! This method sure as hell beats the dating apps.