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    6 Theories That Will Transform The Way You See Popular Movies

    You've watched these movies a hundred times. But have you really seen them?

    Theory #1: Haley Joel Osment's Character in The Sixth Sense Can See Dead People

    Theory #2: The Terminators in Terminator 2 Are Actually From the Future

    Theory #3: Darth Vader Is Princess Leia's Father

    Theory #4: This Is Spinal Tap Is Actually a Scripted Comedy

    Theory #5: The Toys in Toy Story Are Actually Alive

    Theory #6: Forrest Gump Is the Kid From the Beginning of the Movie

    Call us crazy, but we think this is what the filmmakers intended all along, and relentlessly picking over every detail makes watching our favorite movies a lot more fun and satisfying.

    What's your favorite theory about what's really happening in a movie or TV show? Let us know in the comments below.