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    16 Mask Accessories To Make The "New Normal" So Much Easier

    Tired of glasses fog? Ear straps too tight? Don't know where to store your masks? This list is for you.

    Hey there! By now you've seen the CDC's guidelines recommending people wear nonmedical face coverings in public (and know whether or not they're mandatory in your area).

    Two cartoon people wearing masks

    1. A chain you can clip on your mask's ear loops so you can simply let it hang around your neck instead of awkwardly placing it below your chin when not in use. It's also designed to be worn as a necklace, which is kind of genius.

    Model wearing Baublebar face mask chain

    2. A bottle of anti-fog spray that's a must-have for all my fellow glasses wearers. Just spray your lenses before you leave the house and you'll never have to worry about wiping away fog every five seconds during your Target run.

    Amazon reviewer holding bottle of Fog Gone spray

    3. A pack of extender straps that pull your ear loops far back enough to relieve any uncomfortable pressure and friction. Over 8,400 Amazon reviewers now swear by them.

    4. Or this pack of extenders that allow for an even more customized fit thanks to the easily adjustable Velcro fabric.

    5. A silicone bracket to add some extra space between your face and the fabric, which will definitely come in handy for anyone who wears their mask for extended periods of time.

    6. A pocket-sized protective holder so you always have someplace safe and sanitary to stash your mask. You just lay your mask flat on the unfolded holder, then fold it up and secure with the ear loops. Genius!

    7. An ear loop adjuster that can help provide a more secure fit for any masks that are a little too loose for your liking.

    8. A set of nontoxic decals made of biodegradable and plant-based materials so you can add a little flair to your go-to mask. There are even emojis if you're feeling extra sassy.

    9. A nose clip that adheres right on top of your mask to help tighten things up and and eliminate the dreaded glasses fog. This will basically turn all those cheap but cute masks you have laying around into ones you'll actually use.

    10. An acrylic chain so vibrant and stylish you'll be tempted to wear it as a necklace — and you totally can thanks to the convertible design.

    11. A headband with helpful buttons on the side that will be a lifesaver for anyone who finds traditional ear loops too uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

    Model wearing face mask attached to headband's button

    12. A face balm that uses aloe and vitamin E to prevent excess chafing around the ears, nose, cheeks and chin — and to keep that pesky maskne at bay!

    13. A 20-pack of lanyards you can clip to the ear loops so you'll never misplace your mask if you need to briefly remove it.

    14. A large capacity sanitizing device that cleans the surface of your mask (or phone, keys, wallet, you name it) in just 11 minutes thanks to the power of UV light. It's bound to become a part of your daily routine in no time.

    15. A helpful hook that attaches right to your vent so you'll have a handy spot to place your mask when you're in the car.

    Two masks hanging from car vent clip

    16. And a perfectly sized storage case so you can keep a few extra masks in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment.

    Model placing face mask storage case in glove compartment

    Just remember — masks are not a substitute for social distancing! You should still maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance between you and other people when possible, and continue washing your hands and avoiding touching your face. Stay safe!

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