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    This Is What Relationship Experts Had To Say About The Importance Of Valentine's Day

    Everyone weighed in, from therapists, to divorce attorneys.

    1. According to Fila Antwine, lifestyle and relationship coach, celebrating Valentine's Day is more important now than ever, since we've replaced human relationships with technology.

    2. Dr. David Simonsen, licensed marriage and family therapist, thinks Valentine's is trap for men, and we should celebrate relationships daily.

    3. Jennifer Uhrlass, who specializes in marriage and family therapy, thinks we should celebrate by doing simple, enjoyable things, like staying in bed a little longer.

    4. Relationship expert, Jennifer Seiter, says not celebrating Valentine's may cause breakups.

    5. Stephanie Churma, who's a relationship coach, isn't a fan of Valentine's and wants to remind people that they're not defined by a made up holiday.

    6. Jonathan Bennett, dating and relationship coach, thinks everyone is free to love or hate Valentine's.

    7. Dr. Racine Henry, marriage and family therapist, thinks we should celebrate Valentine's as long as we're not just doing it for the 'gram.

    8. Assistant professor of psychology, Dr. Laura VanderDrift, doesn't think celebrating Valentine's actually matters, but you should celebrate your relationships throughout the year.

    9. Annie Wright, marriage and family therapist, says you should negotiate with your partner the level of importance Valentine's has in your relationship.

    10. Dr. Laura Deitsch, who has a doctorate in human sexuality, says Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to start a self-love routine.

    11. Rochelle Peachey, relationship expert and founder of I Love Your Accent, says Valentine's shouldn't be a huge deal, but picking up some flowers wouldn't hurt.

    12. Libby James, who's a divorce attorney, says apathy is the main cause for divorce, so taking time to celebrate your relationship for a day is a probably a good idea.

    13. Kongit Farrell, who is licensed therapist, thinks we should look a Valentine's Day as a celebration of love in general, not just romance.

    14. Relationship coach, Chris Armstrong, has a fun way to celebrate the Hallmark holiday. He hosts an anti-Valentine's white elephant gift exchange and everyone has to bring something they would hate getting on Valentine's.

    15. And Audrey Hope, who's a relationship expert, thinks we should use this year's Valentine's Day to take a break from all the negativity in the world.

    So what do you think? Is celebrating Valentine's Day important, or is it just another ridiculous holiday? Share your thoughts in the comments!