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    30 Valentine's Day Gifts They'll Be So Glad You Gave Them

    From the classics (chocolate and flowers) to the unexpected (rollerblades and hangover kits).

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what gifts they want to receive for Valentine's Day. Get ready, because here are their (awesome) answers!

    1. A box of chocolate-covered strawberries that'll melt their heart and taste buds. (Rest assured, the chocolate itself will not melt thanks to ice packs.)

    These strawberries come packaged in a gift box, so you don't have to wrap it yourself!

    Julienne B.

    Get them from Shari's Berries: a half dozen for $24.99 or a full dozen for $34.98.

    2. A Breakfast at Tiffany's–inspired sleep mask and earplugs set for the best gift of all: a good night's sleep.

    This set is 100% handmade! The back of the sleep mask is lined with gold fleece.

    "Nine hours of uninterrupted, good-ass, stress-free sleep." —Ella A.

    Get the set from ShushBear on Etsy for $25.50.

    3. A subscription to Blue Apron, so the two of you can have a quiet night in, cooking dinner and then snuggling up for a movie.

    Blue Apron is a meal kit service that delivers step-by-step recipes and fresh ingredients to your door. The menus change every week, so you always get something new. It even offers wine pairing suggestions with each recipe! There's no commitment — you can skip a week or cancel at any time with a week's notice.

    "Keep it simple! We are both chefs, and Valentine’s Day is the apocalypse of restaurants, so we are both essentially over the whole thing. I just want to cook dinner together and watch a movie." —morganlindseys

    Plans start at $9.99 per serving.

    4. A bouquet of rainbow roses to make your sweetheart feel like the most special person in the world.

    The Bouqs Company offers freshly cut flowers that are shipped out from farms the day you order. The bouquets are designed by local florists and can be delivered the same day in as little as two hours!

    "No one has ever gotten me flowers before, and I wish my boyfriend would get me some. It doesn't have to be expensive or anything, it would just make me feel really loved." —Tess B.

    Katherine Q.

    Get 24 rainbow roses from the Bouqs Company for $55. Check out other lovely bouquets here and here. Find more places to order flowers online here!

    5. A personalized bracelet created with your handwriting for a unique accessory they'll cherish forever. (Note to self: Improve penmanship before ordering.)

    This bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver! It also comes as a necklace!

    "I would love some personalized jewelry, like a necklace with his handwriting as the pendant." —Sarah C.

    Get it from CaitlynMinimalist on Etsy for $27.75 (available in three finishes). Check out a similar option from Amazon here.

    6. A DIY kit, so you can make them something (mostly) from scratch. They'll be touched that you put in the extra effort.,

    "I’d love something handmade from my husband! He’s always great at giving me gifts that he buys, but I wish he’d give me something thoughtful or handmade." —Sara K.

    Get the stamp-a-necklace kit from Target for $24.99 and the owl felting kit from the Grey Woods on Etsy for $18.50.

    7. A staycation at a nice hotel or a weekend getaway, because flowers die and chocolates get eaten, but memories will last forever.

    Eugeneonline / Getty Images

    "I would love it if my boyfriend planned a surprise getaway weekend. It doesn’t need to be anywhere fancy — just somewhere new we can explore and make memories together. Knowing that he took the time to plan a mini-trip and some details would be special and super thoughtful!" —Allie E.

    "My boyfriend and I both decided we don’t want actual gifts. Instead, we’re getting a nice hotel room for the weekend and trying every sex thing we’ve always wanted to try. We’re both getting fun toys and outfits, etc., and cuddling the rest of the time, just enjoying having each other to ourselves. Best V-day ever." —merrishaniquab

    Check out deals for hotels rooms at

    8. A personal massager for some happy time with your S.O. or just by yourself. Satisfaction guaranteed.😏

    "I've been single for every single Valentine's Day that I have spent on this Earth (this will be my 31st), and I haven't gotten laid in a year, so maybe this year I'll buy myself a V-Day vibrator." —hollyskittlesb

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95 (available in eight colors). Check out other options here and here.

    9. A bottle of red (or your booze of choice) delivered to your apartment, because it's cheaper to drink at home than at a restaurant. And because there's no Netflix at a restaurant.


    "My 21st birthday is on Valentine’s Day, so I’m getting wine drunk." —Kelley F.

    Get booze delivered to your home via Drizly.

    10. A book subscription box, so they'll always have a good novel to keep them company, even when you're not there.

    A MyBookBox subscription includes a number of books (you pick how many you want) in a chosen genre as well as a surprise gift each month! You can decide how long you want the subscription to be.

    "Books, books, and more books. And some video games…they are my only two interests." —theamazingpatchy

    Get a MyBookBox subscription from Cratejoy for $39.95+/month. Check out other themed book subscription boxes here, here, and here.

    11. An engagement ring — if you've found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.,

    The solitaire six-prong ring (left) features an approximately 0.65-carat, conflict-free diamond (G color SI2 clarity). The moonstone ring (right) is surrounded by two 2.00 millimeter, I1 round-cut diamonds and set in a 14-karat gold band.

    "I would honestly love for my boyfriend to propose to me. I know it's a bit cliche because it's Valentine's Day, but he'll be going into the military soon, and I at least want the promise that he'll come back to me and we can start our lives together. We've been together almost three years now." —k4c268f926

    Get the diamond ring from A Gilded Leaf for $3,350 (available in sizes 4–8 3/4 and three colors) and the moonstone ring from Olive Ave. on Etsy for $299 (available in sizes 3–9 1/2 and three colors). Check out more places to order engagement rings online here!

    12. A gourmet soft cheese set to share with your better half after a romantic dinner.

    This cheese set includes a wheel of buttery St. Stephen (an award-winning cheese), pistachio cream spread, and seeded crackers (from a small organic farm in Pennsylvania).


    Get it from Murray's Cheese for $55. Check out other options here and here.

    13. A copy of the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone that'll make a spellbinding V-Day gift for muggles and wizards alike.

    "Since I have taken a vow to not buy any more handbags for two years (god, what was I thinking), I have dropped some massive hints to my clueless husband that I would love to receive the illustrated copies of the first three Harry Potter books." —somyas2

    Get the first book from Target for $27.99, Barnes & Noble for $28.22, or a local bookseller through Indiebound here. Get the second book from Amazon for $27.61, Barnes & Noble for $28.68, or a local bookseller through Indiebound here. Get the third book from Jet or Walmart for $28.82, Barnes & Noble for $32.15, or a local bookseller through Indiebound here.

    14. A charm for their bracelet so they can wear your heart on their sleeve (literally).

    Facebook: JamesAvery

    These charms are made of sterling silver!


    Get them from Dillard's: the linked hearts charm for $40, the red glass charm for $70, and the "You Are Always in My Heart" charm for $50.

    15. A box of Godiva chocolates to treat a lover who's sweeter than sin.

    This heart-shaped gift box contains 25 pieces of milk, dark, and white chocolates and truffles. The box itself is covered in fabric and would make a good keepsake!

    "Lots of chocolate and eating them while watching my favorite show." —Sara F.


    Get it from Godiva for $75. Check out another option from Williams-Sonoma here or from See's Candies here. Find more places to order chocolate online here!

    16. A watch repair tool kit, perfect for couples who are too busy to get their batteries replaced or links removed at a store.

    This set includes: five precision screwdrivers, a hammer with one metal head and one plastic head, a box of 360-piece spring bars (20 styles), a pair of tweezers, a 3x loupe (magnifying glass), a watch block, a watch band link remover, two watch back openers, and an adjustable watch case opener. Everything comes in a plastic carrying case!

    "I’ve asked my boyfriend to take my watch to a jewelry store and have the battery and one of the links replaced — it’s a small thing, but we’re both busy people, so the idea of him just taking the time seems very romantic to me." —Olivia F.

    Get it from Overstock for $37.49.

    17. A wearable candle that'll provide mood lighting and double as a massage oil when it's melted. (Pair with Usher playlist for ideal effect.)

    These candles are made of coconut wax/oil, palm wax/oil, apricot wax/oil, and essential oils. The medium size (30 hours burn time) contains one wick while the large size (50 hours burn time) contains three wicks.

    "It's also my birthday, so he tends to focus on that instead, which translates to fun and awesome but not super romantic. I would love a vacation with him or to come home to candles and twinkle lights and a massage or anything that could be in a romantic comedy. I would just love a big romantic gesture." —anniet12

    Get it from the Grommet for $35+ (available in two sizes and six scents).

    18. A piece of jewelry to remind them of you, like a love code necklace that'll reveal a message when they spin it.,

    This necklace is 14-karat gold plated!

    "A necklace or bracelet (cheap is totally ok don’t get me wrong)." —l48f89f795

    Get it from Nordstrom for $30.60 (available in five designs).

    19. A pair of AirPods for your tech-savvy S.O. who keeps borrowing your headphones and returning them all tangled up.

    These AirPods come with a charging case and a lightning to USB cable. They have a battery life up to 24 hours when used with the charging case!

    "It just so happens that my birthday is on Valentine’s Day, but all I want is a pair of AirPods." —paigepink05

    Get them from Best Buy for $159.99.

    20. A hangover kit, so they'll feel more like themselves after a wild night out. Headache, dehydration, and bad breath, begone!

    This kit includes a hair tie, earplugs, an eye mask, breath drops, two electrolyte tablets, and two pain relievers.

    "Well, I live in New Orleans and Valentine's Day is the day after Fat Tuesday, so ideally, I’d like to not have a hangover." —Emma R.

    Get it from Sur La Table or Sephora for $14.

    21. A huge bag of candy to enjoy with your S.O. or on your own while watching the latest episode of This Is Us.

    This bag contains candies like Nerds, Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Starburst, Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, Mike and Ike, Haribo, Life Savers Gummies, Gobstoppers, Hot Tamale, etc.!

    "I’m single so I just wanna buy myself some candy and for everyone to shut the fuck up and leave me alone, lol." —alisiak2

    Get it from Amazon for $21.84.

    22. A rose gold balloon for taking pretty Valentine's Day pictures to post on their 'gram.

    "I love cliche Valentine's. It's also my birthday, and I love balloons. I told my boyfriend, though, that I just want a night with him because we haven't seen each other in a month." —florenciad2

    Get it from Paper Source for $12.95.

    23. A pack of Tim Tams (imported from Australia) that'll blow local sweets out of the water.

    These are quite possibly the tastiest chocolate biscuits to have ever existed and are enough of a reason to move to the Land Down Under.

    Ashley I.

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $15.90+ (available in five flavors), a six-pack from World Market for $19.14, or a single pack from Walmart for $2.98.

    24. A couple of tickets to see their favorite singer in concert. You'll both have a rocking good time!



    Find concert tickets near you at SeatGeek or Ticketmaster.

    25. A pack of adorable squishies they can reach for whenever they're stressed, angry, or just bored.

    Each package contains 16 squishies!

    "To be honest, all I want for Valentine’s Day is to hold my boyfriend and tell him how important he really is because his family sucks. However, that’s unlikely to happen, so I’d rather get a set of squishies to squeeze every time I have to listen to his mother treat him horribly." —Sarah B.

    Get them from Amazon for $9.99.

    26. An iPad, so they don't always have to lug their heavy AF laptop everywhere.

    This iPad model has a 9.7-inch retina display and weighs just a pound. It features an A9 chip, 8-megapixel camera, FaceTime HD camera, Touch ID, Apple Pay, Wi-Fi, and all-day battery life.


    Get it from Best Buy for $329.99+ (available in two storage capacities and three colors).

    27. A double sleeping bag to pack for a camping getaway, so you and your darling can stargaze while holding hands.

    This sleeping bag has plenty of room for two to spread out at 94" x 62"! It's rated at zero degrees for cool to frozen conditions and lined with soft flannel.

    "I would love to be swept away on a quick camping getaway." —Taylor A.

    Get it from Amazon for $119.36 (available in three colors).

    28. A vanity set that can make getting ready a luxurious experience for them.

    This set includes the vanity, stool, and mirror!

    "I know this sounds silly, but I’ve always wanted a vanity for makeup. The bathroom sink doesn’t have enough room for everything, and constantly sitting on the floor in front of the floor mirror hurts my back. Plus, I’ll feel so fancy!" —kristytish

    Get it from Wayfair for $106.99 (available in two colors). Check out other options from Amazon here and here.

    29. A pair of rollerblades (or two) so you'll always have a cheap and awesome date activity.,

    Baby, talk ~derby~ to me.


    Get them from Amazon for $94.95+ (available in women's shoe sizes 6–10). Check out another option here.

    30. A plane ticket to visit your long-distance beau or go on an adventure by yourself.

    Den-belitsky / Getty Images

    "Being able to be with him, as we live in different countries." —anoiram

    "I'm single, so I just want to take a vacation by myself! Maybe to New Orleans or Florida." —betherick85

    Check out deals on flights at Airfarewatchdog. Find more places to book a flight online here!

    The best gift of all is spending time with people you love! ❤️


    Comments here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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